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TFS API: TFS User Email Address Lookup and Reverse Lookup

Occasionally I need to develop a tool that requires sending and receiving emails to and from developers. To do this I will need to lookup email addresses based on a TFS user’s display or account name and vice versa. 140 more words


Renaming File with Team Foundation Server API: Extending Workspace to Rename a Large Group of Files

The Problem

We have TFS check-in policies that will enforce naming conventions for certain files. The policy will allow the developer to programmatically rename any files that do not match the acceptable naming convention. 338 more words


Team Foundation Server API: Programmatically Downloading Files From Source Control

For several of my custom check-in polices, I need to compare the developer’s local copy to a server copy of the same file. The challenge then becomes how to I find and download a file from source control programmatically using the… 972 more words


TFS 2012: WorkItemChangedEventHandler and where is WorkItemChangedEvent

I am creating a custom action for our TFS2012 Work Item for State Transitions. I found a multitude of resources on how the get the ball rolling create a WorkItemChangedEventHandler class [1]; but I quickly hit a snag. 95 more words


Tfs Build: Query Build Table for historical Build Status, Compilation Status, and Test Status

If you are having trouble finding historical build data using the TFS API, build information can be found in your Team Foundation Server Databases [1]. The table… 322 more words


Tfs Build Log: Querying Build Log Data

If you have ever wanted to programmatically parse past or current Tfs Build log data, then this post is for you.


My company uses Tfs to implement a… 1,571 more words

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Add Customized Workitem(like: Change Request) to Requirement Category in Team Foundation Server 2012

By default, After you created a project in Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012, “Requirement Categor” only contains “User Story” as its member, then when you attempt to “Add existing requirements to a test plan”, only the “User Story” workitem will be acceptable. 214 more words