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Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday avalanche of patches includes leaked Xbox certificate

Today, Microsoft issued three new security advisories and a dozen new patches in the company’s monthly round of security updates. And one of the advisories was apparently the result of a security fumble by Microsoft’s internal IT team: the inadvertent disclosure of the private encryption keys for a wildcard SSL/TLS certificate. 304 more words

Microsoft [Forces] Windows 10 Upgrades | Forbes

Now Micro$oft is going to FORCE users to upgrade to WinSpy and cost users a huge download on the background without permission. Great. Just great. I’ll bet they’re so proud. 146 more words



I drove up as usual

To work on the WI-FI,

Discovered that I’d lost the code

And wanted to cry… 60 more words

By Jonathan Caswell

Microsoft now lets eligible students sign up for free Office 365 subscriptions

Microsoft has announced a new self-serve program for students at eligible schools that allows them to sign up for a free Office 365 license on their own. 194 more words


Microsoft why oh why

There is nothing like installing a new Windows system to make you question how absurd things can get. And it is the update process, where I would just laugh if it did not cost so much in time and aggravation. 347 more words


My Review of Windows 10

This week’s post is all about my experiences with the Windows 10 operating system.

After a friend told me that I could create a disc and install the operating system that way, I decided to take the plunge. 1,263 more words

Software Upgrade

Two Updates -- One Now and One Coming Soon?

This week’s post is about two very different updates to 2 devices, one of the updates should be available to everyone, the other limited to a slow rollout. 612 more words