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OpenGL skybox on Oculus Rift

Arkwood laced up his hiking boots. Pounding his weedy hairless chest he announced, ‘Time for some fresh air in the great outdoors!’

I asked him where he was going. 165 more words


OpenGL point light in motion

Arkwood flopped the book open and announced, ‘Functionalism is king. Our entire existence is simply a configuration of the brain. A complex one, granted – at least to us mere mortals. 248 more words


The Matrix in VR

Glass. You can see through glass. Some glass. Arkwood saw through mine and rapped on the pane. Damn, what a pain! I should have pulled the curtains. 213 more words


OpenGL emission map

Arkwood pursed his lips and said, ‘I just find it all so… unsavoury.’

What the hell! This coming from such a monstrous deviant, the like of which mankind has never before witnessed. 380 more words


Microsoft visual studio - Immediate Window - Simple and Troubleshooting Tips.

Dear all,

This is my second blog. today i have try to explorer one of the most useful window provided in Microsoft visual studio i.e. Immediate Window.this window allows you to evaluate variable,expressions at debug mode. 297 more words


Live air traffic on Oculus Rift

Arkwood is an airspotter, if there is such a word. He was once arrested for impersonating a pilot.

So you can imagine his excitement when I told him that I had created an air traffic control centre for my Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. 349 more words


OpenGL multiple lights

Crackers! That’s what I forgot.

‘Sorry?’ said Arkwood, shaving a carrot.

‘Crackers. I forgot to buy…’

I asked him what he was doing to the carrot. 249 more words