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OpenGL Instancing in VR

Arkwood was leafing through the pages in his big black Hubble book.

‘I want to stroll along the rocky ring in the Sombrero Galaxy, eating popcorn,’ he mused. 153 more words


The Best IDE For Newbies To Coding

For those of you who don’t know, IDE stands for Integrated development environment. It is a software application which allows you to write and edit you source code, debug your applications, compile your code, etc. 1,095 more words


Microsoft Visual Studio Package did not load correctly

I went to a stuck situation when I uninstalled some apps from my Windows 10 machine and then tried to open the Visual Studio 2015. 149 more words


Updating Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

Yesterday I noticed a release (VS 2017 Update 6) was released, but my Visual Studio was still running Update 3:

The newest update is version 15.6. 92 more words


Bullet physics: player collision

In my last post Bullet physics: user pointer I was able detect the collision of two balls in my virtual world.

But how can I detect whether one of the balls collides with me (or, more precisely, the virtual me)? 525 more words


Bullet physics: user pointer

In my post Bullet physics: collision detection I determined whether two balls had collided in a virtual world by inspecting an isNonMoving() function. But this was shit. 331 more words


Bullet physics: collision detection

Sharon was walking about with a hammer. ‘Gonna knock something,’ she repeated menacingly.

I took an apple from the bowl and waved her over. ‘What about this,’ I said calmly. 350 more words