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Doorbell with OpenGL and C++

I took two days. And into a second night. I ate baked beans and toast, and drunk black coffee. But, finally, I pulled it off. 346 more words


Holding a cup in VR

‘I have electrocuted my finger,’ Arkwood said casually, ‘make us a cup of tea, would ya.’

No problem. I told him to put on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. 583 more words


Doors with OpenGL

Hunched round the campfire, the workmen said excitedly, ‘Please, sir, tell us again about the doors you constructed in virtual reality!’

Arnold pretended not to understand. 705 more words


Zip wire with OpenGL

Express yourself!

Not today, he said rather sheepishly, whilst buttoning his lambswool coat. I need to exit, for some cigarettes.

I told him to take the zip wire. 465 more words


My virtual reality house

‘House party! House party!’ Arkwood screamed, clutching his testicles. Through his corduroys, I hasten to add.

‘Okay, okay,’ I replied, ‘Let me put some doors on the house first.’ 460 more words


Elevator with OpenGL

Alistair screamed ‘Stop!’

In my post Climbing stairs with OpenGL I had demonstrated how to extend collision detection to allow for the plodding up and down a flight of stairs. 562 more words


Outlining objects with OpenGL stencil testing

Arkwood puffed his herbs. ‘Just need to know when the grass is good, maaaaann,’ he drawled.

I opened my Microsoft Visual Studio C++ application (with OpenGL graphics library and the Oculus SDK for Windows) and pondered. 361 more words