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Microsoft Is Adding a Potent Security Feature to Windows 10

Microsoft is making it easier for Windows 10 business customers to recover from security breaches.

The tech giant plans to add a new tool to its flagship software that automates what a security professional would do in response to a hacking. 313 more words


Wrong colors in Windows Photo Viewer / Falsche Farben in Windows-Fotoanzeige

When colors in the Windows Photo Viewer (Win 8 to 10) look oddly wrong, it’s probably because of something called “color profile“.

Solution: 56 more words


A Look Back At Windows 95

The operating system that sold the graphical user interface to the mainstream masses was Microsoft’s very own Windows 95 operating system, released twenty-two years ago to huge fanfare and supported by a brilliant marketing campaign that got many every day users excited about using a computer. 85 more words


Right Writes: The 8 Best Pens for Office and Travel

* A good fountain pen tends to leave a lasting impression
* Great to keep at the office or for use on the go
* From swanky to stylish, check out these awesome pens… 976 more words

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Hackers Can Take Over Billions of Android and Linux Devices via Bluetooth

Security researchers have discovered a set of severe vulnerabilities affecting devices that connect via Bluetooth.

The eight security holes—three of which are considered “critical”—allow attackers to take control of Bluetooth-enabled devices, execute code remotely, or intercept traffic between laptops, phones, smart TVs, watches, and other “Internet of things” devices. 711 more words


Game - Call Of Duty: Black Ops II [REVIEW] - They'll Always Need Men Like Us

IGN Rating: 9,3/10
Genre: First-person Shooter
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Director: Dave Anthony and Timothy Tomaszewski
Engine: IW Engine
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U…
973 more words


A High Tech Ring Box That Won't Give Away Its Contents

* Cleverly conceal your engagement ring before popping the question
* Accommodates stone diameter of 10.5mm, and ring thickness of 4mm
* If it seems like everyone’s getting engaged during the holidays, it’s cause they are… 394 more words

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