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HOWTO - Turn win 8, 8.1, 10 into a wireless hotspot, step by step with pictures

Sometimes you might be wondering on how to get a wi-fi signal to your mobile device or another computer that has a wireless  NIC (That supports wireless actually!), you are at a very right place. 297 more words

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Find the CLI arguments for a running process

Here is a quick tip I just ran across. If you want to find out the CLI command used to run a program try the following. 47 more words


Remote Desktop Preview updated

Microsoft’s Universal APP Remote Desktop has been updated with desktop scaling options. With high DPI notebooks and two in ones (Surface etc.) becoming more popular this is a welcome feature to help prevent your remote session from being barely readable. 17 more words

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Apple Myth?

“Apple Macs cannot get viruses.”

False. Apple user propaganda.

Apple Macs can get viruses, albeit less frequently than Microsoft Windows computers. Most tools, scripts, and codes used to create viruses are designed for Microsoft Windows because this is the most widely used operating system in the world. 28 more words


One Way Nintendo Can Get Third Parties!

I might just have the craziest idea you’ll ever hear on how Nintendo can get third parties.  You might even hate the idea, but the more you listen to it, the more you’ll also understand how it may also be the most effective… 7 more words


Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released August 2nd

Microsoft has announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to be released on August 2nd. Included in this update are a significant number of improvements and new features. 37 more words

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