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Compressed Folders

By default Windows stores your files uncompressed so you can work with them.  There are times; however; when it is helpful to compress them to save space; for example if you want to send to someone else via email as an attachment.  317 more words

Compressed Folders

Android set to topple Windows as most popular operating system

According to the website StatsCounter, Google’s Android operating system is less than two percentage points away from dethroning Microsoft Windows as the world’s most popular operating system. 1,558 more words


Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Launch Trailer

It’s been five years since the Mass Effect 3 ended Commander Shepard’s fight against the intergalactic menace known as the Reapers. While there were many who didn’t like how the trilogy ended by way of choosing which color circle it was still a satisfying conclusion to one of best game series in recent memory. 111 more words


Using Windows 10 yet?

If you are still running a version of Windows older than Windows 10 you should probably stop using them NOW!


Change isn’t easy, but these older versions are unlikely to be patched to deal with the latest Wikileaks CIA vulnerabilities, the source code for which will likely be released in the near future. 153 more words


How to run OS's on your Mac for FREE!

Apple inc. is one of the best computer companies, but not every program today is compatible with Macintosh.  For example, while attending Kaplan University, in previous class’s I have had to work with Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Visio, both not compatible with MacOS Sierra.   286 more words


Tame your computer - pick out your pointer

If you want to add some text in, say, a Word document or an Outlook email message, you must move the insertion point to the location where the change is to be made. 156 more words

Microsoft Windows

The good.......

……the bad and the ugly. To be truthful Monday presented me with the good, a wee bit of the bad but none of the ugly. Come to think of it there is no such thing as the ugly. 602 more words

Dining Out