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What to do when you're feeling low?

I recently sent out a round of emails to everybody who purchased a copy of my book and asked how they’re getting on in their stock business. 1,051 more words


Which Are the Most Profitable Earning Days?

Looking through the popular microstock discussion forums, notably Microstockgroup and the Shutterstock forum, it’s clear that contributors like to complain!

Conspiracy Theories

Here’s some crazy theories doing the rounds: 495 more words


EveryPixel, the Future of AI Keywording

Wouldn’t you just love it if you could simply upload an image and the algorithm keywords the images within seconds? Until recently, I thought this was the talk of science fiction, That is until today when I recently stumble upon this cool piece of futuristic software. 320 more words


My Top 5 Enhanced / Extended Licenses at Shutterstock

In the buffet that is stock photography, try to think of subscription earnings as the appetizers. They’re tasty but insufficient. To feel really full you’re looking forward to the main course, to me these will be those juicy Enhanced Licenses. 625 more words


Adopting Alamy Pseudos to Improve Keyword Rankings

Alamy offers every contributor the opportunity to effectively create “different sub-accounts” in the form of pseudonyms. One theory is that by using different pseudos, you may ultimately improve your own image search engine rankings. 1,547 more words


Why ImageBrief is (probably) a Waste of Your Time

During the past few years, many photography Agencies have emerged offering “Photo Requests”, where clients make specific requests for images. Contributors then post images which they feel match the brief and are paid accordingly if the image(s) is selected. 1,228 more words


Microstock Anniversary 2018

This year my stock journey has been going in fits and starts.  Some months I was super inspired, motivated and active in shooting stock and video, other months the business of life took over and I barely had time to pick up my camera.   193 more words