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Update on some breakthroughs this month!

Two months ago I discussed what keeps me motivated in this industry, and it all comes down to making small measurable goals and meeting them consistently. 325 more words


Stocksy United, a premium Agency, is accepting new contributors!

Great news! After a two-year wait, Stocksy United is finally accepting new contributors. The reason why I’m excited is that they’re a great Midstock Agency… 854 more words


Why you shouldn't delete your blurry images

Stock photography is making me into a real technical perfectionist! That’s good for the most part, since clients want images which have all the hallmarks of a great technical photo (lighting, composition, focus, low noise). 244 more words


Set it and forget it

I read once that the best way to handle microstock photography is to upload and forget about it. If you waste every moment checking back all the time to see if sometime sold or if your photo was approved or not, you will drive yourself mad. 331 more words

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Take your camera everywhere with you!

Despite my Nikon being quite bulky, I always try to take my camera with me as I never know when I’m going to catch an interesting moment. 155 more words


Jogja Creators Meetup #4 - Passive Income Ala Desainer

Siang hari kemarin cuaca cukup cerah, setelah di hari sebelumnya Jogja diselimuti mendung dan barisan tetes hujan yang damai. Minggu tanggal 24 Juli 2017, Alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan untuk sedikit bercerita tentang… 370 more words