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Congrats! Photo Live on Getty Images

What stands out most for me is the long process. Poppies bloom in Spring–April and May– and that’s when I made my photos of blooming red Poppy flowers and buds. 149 more words

Capturing Perseid in 3 easy steps

One of our favorite parts about summer here at Media Bakery is the warmer nights, letting us adventure out to play with some night photography. We don’t currently have any images up from the Perseid shower, best visible over this past weekend, but we thought it would be an appropriate time to freshen up with a little DIY on shooting the stars! 132 more words

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Tracking application for Microstock market

New! I was finding this application few years ago.. and Now they develop it. I find Microstockr Pro Tool which is now in Beta version. For now this Tool tracking following agencies: Shutterstock, iStock, Fotolia, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, Bigstock, Canstock, Yaymicro and Pond 5. 85 more words

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Micro-stock Misadventures

Recently Pond5, a micro-stock agency, successful in the past due to good luck, and good contributors, and despite naive and chaotic management, engaged a new policy, beginning an apparent nosedive towards the gutter, leaving all its competitors in the race to bottom of the micro-stock murk in its wake, and long time contributors in a state of bewilderment. 620 more words


Chocolate Ice Cream Cones Photo Sold on Microstock Site

The featured photo above is Chocolate Ice Cream Cones by Marie Kazalia available on Shutterstock here.

The first few downloads of my photos from the microstock sites are interesting to me and kind of exciting too, because they validate my vision. 227 more words

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Today world event news is at the bottom. First I talk a little, then we have photography links, business and health stories.

I still need a name for these frequent posts. 563 more words