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Spider-Man Release Date Revealed

Sony announced that Spider-Man will release at September 7th, on PS4. They also announced the game will run at 30fps for both PS4 and PS4 Pro… 6 more words


Shadow of War is Removing All Microtransactions

Warner Bros announced that the ability to purchase Gold, War Chests, and the Market will be fully removed on July 17. Because they thought it ruins the experience of game’s story and  26 more words


Digital Global Pass UK: for cashless payment options that will improve customer experience

These days, it is important to provide customers with the best service possible. If you are running your business online, things are meant to be even better! 106 more words


ISP and Phone bill payments for online businesses

If your online business is struggling, you might want to try something new to boost things up! Adopting innovative payment solutions that work through an… 91 more words


Digital Global Pass UK: serving businesses for the best

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to offer a choice of payment options to your customers. This obviously applies to both online and traditional shops and it can improve satisfaction at all levels. 81 more words


DGP UK: peace of mind for online businesses

Folks who often purchase online will certainly realise the importance of reliable payment solutions. Businesses offering goods and services on their websites are now being encouraged to use innovative payment options like those offered by… 76 more words


Online payment services that cater for needs of customers

Customers are always right, and if they happen to be asking for better payment solutions, it’s your responsibility as a business owner to cater for their needs. 91 more words