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Ubisoft Responds To Fans' Outrage Over For Honor's Costly Microtransactions

Following the recent discovery, that unlockable content in For Honor cost $700, there was an immense outrage from the players. They weren’t happy to pay a huge amount for the unlockables, when the original game itself doesn’t cost that much. 216 more words


For Honor: Ubisoft Responds To Microtransaction Controversy As New Patch Is Released

Many For Honor fans are not happy at the game’s microtransaction pricing–both in terms of price and sheer volume. Now, publisher Ubisoft has responded to the feedback, at the same time as finishing up a new, minor patch. 327 more words


One Devious Microtransaction

(Source: kotaku.com)

The makers of the new mobile game Bit City have already tweaked one of their game’s microtransactions, just days after launch. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought it was messed up, even by microtransaction standards. 793 more words


The Cost of Playing Video Games

Season passes, micro-transactions for currency, pre-order and “deluxe edition” bonuses, these are a few of the more annoying business models of today’s video game developers. Generally, most people see these decisions as making many games “Pay to Win” or “Pay for Full Experience,” essentially making games “Pay for Fun.” 954 more words


Micropayment Platforms

If you are taking part in The Bitcoin Challenge, you will need to use micropayments.

Now that you have set up your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet… 109 more words


Sadistic 1v4 Serial Killer Game Actually Looks Fun

Sicko or survivor; those are the two options in Behaviour Interactives upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight. Imbuing many qualities of 2k’s popular asymmetrical game, … 670 more words


Clash Royale: In-Depth Look at Training Camp Cards: Strategies and Counters

Supercell’s newest game: Clash Royale has rapidly become the hottest mobile game on the ios and Android platforms. Like Supercell’s previous games, Clash Royale is a game that anyone can play as it’s easy to learn, yet hard to master, providing the game with a healthy coalition of casual and competitive players. 1,960 more words