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The Gaming Industry Needs To Change And Only We The Gamers Can Make That Happen

Its been on my mind for quite some time now, 2016 needs to be the year in which we the gamers finally fight back the corruption that’s currently plaguing the gaming industry. 724 more words


Payday 2 Now Supports Microtransactions

Overkill Software has released an update for Payday 2, giving players the chance to acquire a key item previously only available through paid microtransactions.

On October 16, Overkill released the The Black Market Update, which included the option to buy a drill that would unlock special safes with unique skins, gameplay altering weapon mods and more. 305 more words


My Microtransaction Of (Moderate) Shame

Allow me to get something out of the way right off the bat: I’m conflicted (at best) about microtransactions in games. On one hand, I understand that game developers face rising operating costs to produce the games we play and love and have to supplement their revenue in various ways, but on the other hand, sometimes microtransactions feel like a cash grab with little to offer in return. 800 more words


Tomb Raider gets some lovely micro-transactions, world yells FFS

Rise of the Tomb Raider looks set to push Lara’s rebooted story to the next level with awesome new environments, gripping action and…credit card transactions. 410 more words


Metal Gear Solid V Gets FOB Insurance Via Microtransaction

Konami continue on their march to become the most despised company in gaming by launching a new microtransaction in Metal Gear Solid V that lets players purchase insurance for their online FOBs using real money. 127 more words


Project Spark goes free!

Project Spark will see micro-transactions disappear, with the content that previously had to be paid for becoming free. The content will be free for both new players and existing owners of the game. 235 more words


Microtransactions, DLC, and the horrors of Modern Gaming

Dear Reader, this topic tackles the topic of Gaming’s state in our current generation. From triple A title games, to the lesser games. This has came upon my mind after watching a popular youtuber’s video tackling this subject. 727 more words