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What's Up With These Loot-boxes?

Notice this article was originally written a month ago 3.8.2017. So, I talk about upcoming things that are already gone as of now but my opinion still stands.  418 more words


Do You Like To Support Free (To You) Games?

I’ve always been a fan of PlayStation Plus. I don’t always love the free games on offer, but I love that they are on offer. I think the program allows a lot of people to experience a lot of games they might not have otherwise. 507 more words


Are Microtransactions in AAA games really a bad thing?

Microtransactions have become a mainstay in the AAA games industry as of late. Despite major criticism from customers online, they don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. 755 more words

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Pricing Structures in the Video Game Industry

A tall stack of game CDs next to your console or PC used to be standard sight for any avid player; the oldest games’ cases evermore squished under the weight of each new and redundant instalment of COD. 764 more words


Ubisoft Responds To Fans' Outrage Over For Honor's Costly Microtransactions

Following the recent discovery, that unlockable content in For Honor cost $700, there was an immense outrage from the players. They weren’t happy to pay a huge amount for the unlockables, when the original game itself doesn’t cost that much. 216 more words


For Honor: Ubisoft Responds To Microtransaction Controversy As New Patch Is Released

Many For Honor fans are not happy at the game’s microtransaction pricing–both in terms of price and sheer volume. Now, publisher Ubisoft has responded to the feedback, at the same time as finishing up a new, minor patch. 327 more words


One Devious Microtransaction

(Source: kotaku.com)

The makers of the new mobile game Bit City have already tweaked one of their game’s microtransactions, just days after launch. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought it was messed up, even by microtransaction standards. 793 more words