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Thank Your God for the Cinema (MID-AUGUST LUNCH)

The article was originally published at allography on August 25th, 2010.

You don’t need me to tell you that the job market is a nightmare. A dry-dream. 802 more words


All Things August: Gianni Di Gregorio's "Mid-August Lunch"

When it comes to watching films of certain eras, genres, sub-genres, or countries, or watching films made by certain directors, cinematographers, studios, or even ones featuring certain actors, let’s face it, we can’t possibly see them all. 310 more words


My Old Ladies Who Lunch

While my leisurely Sunday lunch in August for my Old Ladies may not have been as mouth-watering or dramatic as Luigi’s Mid-August Lunch for his coterie of old ladies, I think it worked out. 294 more words


Rome - Closed for the Holidays

Rome is deserted. For the past three weeks, the city has become progressively quieter: less traffic, fewer stores open. Some of the city buses are on a special schedule in August with reduced runs. 548 more words


Film & TV: Pranzo di ferragosto (2008) - Gianni e le donne (2011)

Sacred Mid-August! For urban dwellers it’s that time of the year when pace slows down, city rhythms become placid and people go back to feeling like human beings again. 519 more words

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Con Parmigiano?

I just loved loved loved Mid-August Lunch written, directed and starring a very likable Gianni di Gregorio.

In an opening scene Gianni walks into a wine store and has a glass of white wine and then asks for two bottles of Chablis. 160 more words


Mid-August Lunch

Continuing our cinematic travels in a westerly direction which began on March 8th with a visit to Hong Kong for A Simple Life, then on March 10th, we stopped off in Mumbai, India, for… 772 more words