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Mid Winter-Light and Shadow


This week we celebrated Imbolc, or Mid-Winter. With all of the rain melting piles of snow, there was a glorious smell of mud-and Spring-in the air as explored light and shadow around the neighborhood. 128 more words

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Guava: the evergreen

Yep. The guava tree is an ever-green tree. It’s not “Christmas tree” evergreen, but the guava tree dons green leaves the entire year. Guava trees are pretty hearty and can withstand temperatures as low as 29°F. 125 more words


Grapefruit: ruby red citrus

Welcome to the third period of mid winter. Hang in there, y’all. With winter storms pounding the east coast and grey skies in the forecast, is it any wonder that the major candle companies have released their Spring fragrances in the middle of January? 123 more words


Slouching Toward Mid-Winter

In cold and darkness you are traveling,

In warmth and brightness you will arrive.

Caitlín Matthews1

In a week and a half, on February 2nd, winter will be exactly half over, and not a moment too soon! 

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Cardamom: A Winter Spice Party

My third pick for mid-winter two is Cardamom. Know as the “Queen of Spices,” Cardamom has made an interesting journey across the globe. Native to India, Cardamom was used by Egyptians and Romans for both oral hygiene and stomach health. 192 more words


Juniper: in the bleak midwinter

If you’ve been following Scent Season for awhile now, you’ve caught on that my goal is to tweak the actual astrological seasons to better inform the fragrances with which we pick to immerse ourselves. 302 more words