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Feasting at Thorrablót

While in Iceland I had many research-related adventures. I consulted a soothsayer, learned about the Hidden Folk, and interviewed with a chef while he butchered a seal (accidental by-catch given to him by some fishermen, so he filleted it for steak, boiled the bones for soup and sent the pelt to a tannery so none of the animal was wasted). 438 more words

It's a bit chilly

This has been the coldest winter that I can remember.  I am trying really hard not to complain, because it could be worse.  It could be raining and miserable.   131 more words

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I thought it was going to snow.

Oh my gosh it was so cold!  The temperature plummeted this afternoon to 8.5°C.  While that may not be cold by most folks standards, it is for us!  660 more words

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Asparagus tips and raspberry posts

Time is against me.  I have to pack all of July’s gardening chores into two weeks.  And there is a surprising amount to do when you aren’t ambling your way through the month, dodging raindrops.   178 more words

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Planting out the Gunny Sack Garden

After what seemed like forever, the NZ Spinach was finally big enough to go out into the big wide world.   Just drop a few degrees – well halve the temperate and reduce the intensity of the sun and shorten the days and for some reason plants grow slower.  639 more words

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Life arises from the ashes of tragedy

Back in the day, in the times of the ‘Grand Tour’ – think late 1800’s when women wore heavy crinoline skirts everywhere, our little corner of the world was well and truly on the Victorian bucket list.  791 more words

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