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Simple Pleasures

Mark this day on the calendar. For five hours straight, the sun shone warmly down on mid-Michigan from a cloudless blue sky. In February.

Phenomenal. Glorious. Magnificent.

Thank you, Lord.


Winter's MidPoint (in the Central Rockies)

Although we talk quite frequently about “seasons”, the concept of a season is actually far more abstract in nature than the manner in which it is typically discussed.   784 more words


Winter Months Survival and Readymade Art Advances

This website has always been about trying to improve Blighty and Planet Earth for all life. Of course it’s difficult to please everybody, and even the narrow focus of women, working-class and animal welfare/environment can conflict with each other. 385 more words

Greenygrey Culture

Little Snow

January morn:
On a Saskatchewan field
Little snow remains.

Contemplative Photography

Happy greenYgrey Winter Solstice: End of mid-winter

Happy Winter Solstice from the greenYgrey world. As reported in XaW Files chapter 4 episode 4, the winter solstice in the gYg world is around January 21st, a month after the northern hemisphere of Planet Earth. 331 more words

Greenygrey Culture