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MID WINTER Salads, Dips and Preserves for Healthy Variety | Seasonal Cooking

We move into the cold months where nothing much stirs in the garden. Oranges and other citrus are plentiful, pears too. Mid Winter vegetables arrive. Vegetables are more limited in range but beautiful in flavours. 250 more words


South Pacific Interlude

We momentarily put a rain soaked winter behind us ….

… and for a couple of weeks were able to live in a tropical paradise. … 799 more words

Sarah The Gardener

MID WINTER - Don't miss these Warming Winter Recipes | Seasonal Cooking

Goodness, it’s cold! Put on another jumper and enjoy these highlights from our Mid Winter classic recipes.

You can browse all of our Mid Winter recipes here: 263 more words


Venturing North to Gore Bay

We took a leisurely drive north, today, for the first time since a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck North Canterbury last November and closed off most of the South Island’s Northern section of State Highway One.  145 more words

New Zealand

Shortest Day

Every year I watch the sun rise later and later, gradually creeping north along the mountain ridge line to the north of my small holding, until it reaches its final destination on the north-west slope of Mt Cass. 73 more words


Simple Pleasures

Mark this day on the calendar. For five hours straight, the sun shone warmly down on mid-Michigan from a cloudless blue sky. In February.

Phenomenal. Glorious. Magnificent.

Thank you, Lord.