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Cosmic League: Mid/High level gameplay

There’s 3 videos I linked to here. Note I’m deleting early gameplay footage I blogged about when the game first released. It does not correctly portray the game.


League of Legends Challenger Commentary: Lissandra

Youtube Description:
Hey guys, here is my commentary on Lissandra. She is a fairly strong champion and yet pretty easy to play at the same time.

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Excel 查找字符串中第一个数字的位置

需要清理文件中的full address。

例如: “Wes Wei 200 S St.”,需要提取从200开始后的住址信息,使用函数:

=MIN(SEARCH({0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9},A2&”0123456789”)), 返回结果9,对应2的位置,然后用mid()函数截取地址字符串

UA undeniable Mid


I obtained a pair last week they were really comfortable on my foot. Using these for boxing or and secular activity that has a lot of demand to it is recommended. 220 more words


Mid to Lower Trap/ Lower Back Exercises

If your looking to improve your posture and strengthen your lower back these exercises will help. In a lot of cases they can help and even clear up back pain!!! 11 more words

Over 1000 Subscribers! Wow!


I realized that I’m now over 1,000 subscribers on Youtube. I can not express to you guys how happy it makes me to read through the comments on my videos (and on Reddit) and hear that my commentaries and guides are helping the League of Legends community as much as they are. 173 more words