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A50AML rumoured to be another HTC mid-ranger

According to a report from STJSGadgets, HTC is cooking up another mid-range smartphone model number A50AML. The yet to be announced smartphone is said to be available in two versions a normal version and a premium variant. 144 more words

Conquest 101 — An Introduction to Ranked Play and Draft Picking in League

From Bronze to Masters: The pick and ban phase in League is all about outdrafting the enemy team and getting the perfect team composition.

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AD Carry


Los recuerdos más tempranos de Talon son los oscuros pasillos subterráneos de Noxus y el acero tranquilizador de una espada. No recuerda familia, afecto o amabilidad. 318 more words



Movida por un intenso instinto asesino, Katarina usa sus talentos como asesina en beneficio de la gloria de Noxus y de la continua elevación de su familia. 361 more words