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Shout Out to Middle Aged Men

One of my favorite things of all times is befriending strangers at the bar, more specifically the drunk middle aged men- and no not in some weird gross sexual way.   1,172 more words

The Man isn't Serious

The Man-Who I-Don’t-Know-If-He’s-Serious is a man who told me to take off my nail polish before going into a meeting when I first arrived here. Then he asked me to buy him some trousers from America because they just don’t make them the same over here! 354 more words

Office Life

Tea Bell Update

Every day at 4pm we have tea made for us in the office by L, the team PA and secretary. L’s job description in no way… 413 more words

Office Life

Paste Values

People’s ability to do nothing other than the very minimum of what is expected of them is a never-ceasing source of wonder to me. Not that I’m any better: I just manage to do the bare minimum in the shortest about of time possible. 731 more words

Office Life


The city of London is an incredibly sexist place to work. The disparity in pay between men and women in financial sector in London is… 786 more words

Office Life

"Watch yourself"

He was a middle-aged man. We had not spent much time together. Now we were outside walking through an overgrown area where plants blocked the path. 181 more words


The Douchebag

At about 11om, waiting in Bogotá airport for a flight to London I was the lucky witness of a man exhibiting behaviour typical of a douchebag… 339 more words