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First blog post

Being a man in my thirties, I find myself questioning everything.  I look back at who I was, and think about all the decisions that led me here to who I am today.   867 more words

Lets Keep Our Kiwi Men Happy and Healthy

Not just for the ladies- It’s good to look after yourself; it’s part of being a man.

New Zealanders are known for having a ‘do it yourself’ attitude. 464 more words


Turducken - a cannibals recipe

I’ve recently been doing a humour unit with Uni. Below is a revised recipe for Turducken which was inspired by The Chasers and their cannibal recipes. 428 more words


Episode 1: Walking the Dog

In this week’’s episode, Brian picks the somewhat quotidian topic of “walking the dog”. Abhik questions whether dog ownership is all it is cracked up to be. 193 more words


When to Smile

Smiling makes people happy. The physical act of smiling makes the smiler happy (science!) and smiles, like yawns, are contagious.

But sometimes your face just doesn’t smile. 409 more words

Life Coaching

Exercise the brain.

Want the ultimate six-pack?  Big defined guns to impress the ladies? The Adonis beach bod? Well, you’re wasting your time reading this then, I haven’t a clue and I’m not some pop-up in your news feed which will tell you the top-five ways to get ripped. 509 more words


Mutton dressed as man.

Now that I’m the wrong side of forty and I can see fifty looming on the horizon, it has got me pondering about appropriate dress sense and music tastes. 826 more words