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for the first time in a million years!

No PB😔 HR average 154( MAF 125!). It felt OK though. Quite a few walk breaks and it took me 39:59!   100 more words


MAF on holiday!

Yay we are on holiday! Someone who sounds very much like my mother is saying things in my head like ‘isn’t it great to have dinner cooked for you’ and ‘no cleaning to do’ except that instead of rolling my eyes I think it’s really great….. 531 more words


Mid life analysis

I would like to express my feelings about growing older. I identify as a female, I am 48 in two months and the tell tale signs of ageing are rapidly becoming noticeable. 60 more words

Maffetone week 3

I’m hanging on with the Maffetone thing. There have been blips (large glass of wine followed by choc banana muffin yesterday. The wine was worth it: the muffin? 318 more words


Do I need Lycra for this?

A week of low heart rate training. This is Thursday’s attempt;

It’s harder than you think to stay in that zone 2!

Sunday 1 hour on the machines at the gym, stair climber and elliptical trainer. 433 more words


The red-haired woman.

I just watched an old movie called, “The Adjustment Bureau.” It wasn’t a great movie but it was about something I have been thinking about, and that is, the role that fate plays in a person’s life. 1,007 more words


Maffetone momma


Courtesy of the imperial war museum. Note the bottom line!

My interpretation of the maffetone method is that there are 3 parts to this; 338 more words