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Not all change is good.

Many of the radical feminists of the 1960’s and 1970’s talked about the end of masculine/feminine stereotyping, the family, and religion. And, as one who came of age in that generation, I took to heart the idea of transformation. 661 more words


Learning to do an easy run.

As a novice runner I read a lot of advice about how most beginners push themselves too hard. I struggled to understand the difference between an easy run, a tempo run and a threshold run. 428 more words


Auntie Mom

Open letter to my cousins:

When your mom passed away today, she left you orphans, like me. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it feels devastating, doesn’t it? 607 more words


Preston parkrun

Avenham park is a 5minute walk from Preston railway station, so if you are ever stuck waiting for a train on a nice sunny day, a short walk to the park will improve the experience tremendously. 197 more words


Manchester 10k

Sunday was the Manchester 10k. Even when I got up in the morning I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it, having not run much recently and thinking that I could just do a nice 10k around home. 277 more words


Self Respect

It amazes me the lack of self respect among some people particularly women. I see Facebook profiles and covers that would make a hooker blush but somehow these seem to be a matter of pride. 279 more words

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