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New toy!!

So far so good with my new goal of averaging 14 miles per week. My garmin app sort of rolls the week along, always doing the last 7 days or tha last 4weeks. 621 more words


just for today.

Week 1 of 2017. I have set myself the goal of running 14miles per week average by the end of March. At my MAF pace that works out at just under 4hours running per week. 233 more words


Adapt or die!

Sometimes the same theme crops up in life again and again.

Although the ‘adapt or die ‘ quote is attributed to Darwin’s theory of evolution, one of my colleagues is quite fond of it and applies it a lot to work situations. 552 more words


The Three Weissmanns of Westport

The Three Weissmanns of Westport

Sense and Sensibility romance, marriage angst with 21st-century sexual shenanigans.

Recovery week over

Maybe I overdid it in my first week on the treadmill with no name. I was loving it, putting in the hours and singing and dancing (ish) and I doubled my mileage in a week. 210 more words


Missing My Bellbottom Days:Middle-Age Clothing Crisis

I lied. It is not my middle-age clothing crisis because my husband has informed me that after the age of 50 a person is officially OLD AGED. 1,996 more words

The quiet blogger.


I have been a bit of a quiet blogger this week.

This time last week everything was looking great. I’d got a couple of midweek runs in and woke up on Friday knowing that work had been cancelled. 252 more words