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Self Respect

It amazes me the lack of self respect among some people particularly women. I see Facebook profiles and covers that would make a hooker blush but somehow these seem to be a matter of pride. 279 more words

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Midlife Plus

When I first joined Facebook in its youth, it was because I wanted to keep in touch with my grown daughters more. They led busy lives, had careers, partners, and were raising children. 785 more words


Not as I would have wished.

Thats how things are going on the fitness front just now. I use the word ‘wish’ advisedly as a wish is when you want something just to be without any requirement from you to do any work or action towards it, whereas a plan, involves thinking, assessing  deciding and acting. 394 more words


All quiet on the western front.

Friday was the end of term, so Joe and I celebrated with lounging watching TV and a bar of chocolate. I was going through my diary, checking my childcare logistics when I realised only 23 days until the team triathlon! 390 more words


Getting away for a day.

“If at all possible, break with your usual routine and go off somewhere, at least for the day. If you do, you will be glad for the freshness that such a break introduces into your life.” I took this advice from my daily horoscope. 398 more words


Get ready for the Ajummas of Korea

The 아줌마(Ajumma)’s of Korea, they are the distinct society group of the country. Without these old-aged women of South Korea, would you never see a country as developed as South Korea. 687 more words

Banana In Korea

Role Reversal And The Circle Of Life

The circle of life plays on my mind a lot at the moment, as I watch my children turn into adults.

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Midlife Observations