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Once Twice Three Times A “Fraidy”

 “Ma’am, what brings you here tonight?” the E.R. doctor asked Mama who was stretched across the gurney giggling while I nervously paced, as if she’d expire at any moment. 912 more words


52 Weeks of Directors: Ruba Nadda

It’s a common problem in Hollywood. The lack of women behind the camera (or in the editing room or writing scripts) is one hurdle faced by women in film, but another is the lack of roles for women, especially for women over the age of 40. 1,116 more words


Finding my "Introvert Zen Zone."

I am starting to realize that what I am looking for is movement and flow. I want to be in an environment where everything is in motion. 393 more words


Repeating the same lesson?

It’s cold this morning. Odd for mid-August. Weather has ceased to be consistent. A reflection, no doubt, of a chaotic world. Yesterday was uncomfortable but I didn’t run away. 671 more words


Week 2/42

I have downloaded a marathon training plan and stuck it on the fridge door. Keeping it in an electronic diary is too ‘out of sight out of mind’ and those alerts are so easily lost in the 100’s of emails re work, school life etc. 704 more words


Bikini or no Bikini, that is the question

The thing is… I’d been dying to buy myself a fabulous new bikini for a few years. Kept putting it off. Then last summer I finally found the courage to saunter into an elegant swimwear store in the ooh-la-la fabulous South-of-France little seaside town of St. 1,077 more words


Transferable skills.

When I became a mother my life changed in so many ways. My eyes were opened to the fact that everyone was someone’s baby once and I began to see people through the lens of ‘if this was my baby grown up how would I want them to be treated’ . 432 more words