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My doctor had originally prescribed testosterone cream for my clitoral hood to supposedly boost sexual sensitivity, response, etc.  Well, this did absolutely nothing for me.  Upon Internet research I found a few sources saying that it was once thought that testosterone worked for women, but it had now been determined that it was all about estrogen for women. 78 more words

Lipstick On The Pig

So, had a psych appointment today.  While in the waiting room, I perused a magazine.  On the cover was an article about Cameron Diaz, talking about how she had ALL the secrets on how aging was just SO damn wonderful!  231 more words

Hun, That Ship Has Sailed

It was nearly impossible to get up this morning.  Husband kept calling and calling out to me, and it was after 12:00 noon before I got up!  430 more words

Not for the faint of heart

I remember the day I turned 29.

It was 16 years ago – yikes, that’s hard to believe.

But the day I turned 29, I took the day off from work. 845 more words

Life Lessons

"Adore" by Anne Fontaine (Australia, 2013)

Excellent scenario and some fantastic editing.
Many have called it a bad movie (see the main ratings) because of its scandalous theme – two middle-aged women falling for two young men they know. 61 more words


I don't know how to blog.

I am going to start with an apology, and it is that I don’t know how to blog. I like to write and I can form coherent sentences, but I’m not much of a writer anymore either. 419 more words

milf deconstructed

Marriage: Years 1-5

Each day, cotton candy fluffy marshmallow clouds

floating between comments of “I love you” and “You’re beautiful honey”

hubby home from work, healthy dinner served, 558 more words