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Over the past 15 months I have been encouraging (or making) myself stay on a fitness journey. It has had many challenges for sure, but I have been fortunate enough to “tap into” a great support system through a FB group and with an online trainer and app system. 1,043 more words

21.4.17#spotted the bunny!

So, this is getting to be a habit!

Yesterday I didn’t run, I made an active choice to have a rest day.

Today, out again at 6:15. 161 more words



It wasn’t early when I got out this morning – it was a bank holiday after all- but it was first thing! It was almost a run, I had to keep stopping to take pictures of sheep! 35 more words


New route 8.4.17

I’d thought about parkrun, but why drive all that way to run when you can run from home? It was a beautiful day so I started with a downhill all the way run into whalley – about a mile. 179 more words


The Unloved Mother

What does she feel, this unloved mother, this glowing woman on the brink of something she doesn’t comprehend, when she steps out to the grocery shops with her family, in her dark blue floral dress that’s a little more low cut then she realises. 547 more words


Not my usual run.

So the running hasn’t gone so well this week. After a great parkrun on Saturday I have just been too lazy to run all week. But sometimes stuff is just meant to be. 449 more words


Healthy choices made today;

Woke up early (not actually achoice, just lucky😊)

green smoothie for breakfast

Avocado, spinach and kiwi fruit. Very green but actually very nice!

Went to parkrun, which  I enjoyed😊 First time in ages that I have enjoyed running with other people… 67 more words