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NSFPM (Not Safe For Pre-Millenials)

I should qualify and narrow my title down to a specific case study. I’m of course talking about my mother; I’m talking about her current relationship with WhatsApp, and her digital relationships with her friends with whom she’s in conversation, mostly in group form. 752 more words

General Core

More new experiences !!!!!!.

I have to say I’m amazed about how much new stuff there is to do as you get older. Maybe it’s because I’m older I think that I know it all and I don’t expect new experiences. 817 more words


If you don't run in rain, you don't run in Lancashire!

Back in the swing this week. 15 miles done, none of them very fast but I’m pleased to have got them done. There were a couple of minor setbacks, I missed a day so I’ve just budged along my schedule along a day. 306 more words


Hey November, roll on with the mellow fruitfulness!

Did Keats start one November as we did today? Fog from dawn til dusk?

Never mind, it didn’t stop the rejuvenated marathon plan. November on the fridge, 4.5 mile done, first tick in the box. 114 more words


WWWP5k -done today!

I wanted today’s run to be special, sort of celebratory. Why? To celebrate being home after 3 weeks away, to enjoy the Autumn countryside, to rejoice at having a day off, to mark the beginning of a new training cycle ( the bit where I run instead of not running!). 135 more words


USA weeks 2-2.5. Sweet times!

Holiday in Orlando with the family.

Why? My husband and I hate roller coasters and ‘thrills’ but it obviously isn’t inherited genetically as our son loves them. 1,515 more words


Think about money, honey.

Lots of drama lately in the big house in the woods. Three women have moved out during the past four months, and in a few weeks, I will be the fourth. 327 more words