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This week's blog, brought to you by sleepyhead!

last week’s blog ended with a tummy bug cutting my run short. I felt better by Sunday but decided to do my run on the treadmill at the gym just in case. 313 more words


Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Recently I’ve noticed new, small changes to my body which have made me pause and consider. As in, think about the stance I always had on aging. 532 more words


Gore mythos tights - a review

My new running tights arrived today, so imagine how thrilled I was to hear heavy rain lashing against the window pane. No seriously! there’s a first time for everything I suppose! 358 more words


Are you there, Stella? It's me, your groove.

So I fell off the Cabbage Patch blogging wagon. While I started off with a blogging bang, I quickly lost my groove. One day without blogging turned into another, then another, yet another, and before I knew it, an entire year had passed by. 1,512 more words

Trying Something New

windstopper pants

How may son laughed when I told him what I was looking for! Good to know that British toilet humour has survived to the next generation. 238 more words


Sorry, I'm not an ajumma


In several years ago, I worked as a casual lecturer at university in Seoul. At that time, I was preparing for applying PhD and some required documents for the applications (i.e. 290 more words