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Getting away for a day.

“If at all possible, break with your usual routine and go off somewhere, at least for the day. If you do, you will be glad for the freshness that such a break introduces into your life.” I took this advice from my daily horoscope. 398 more words


Get ready for the Ajummas of Korea

The 아줌마(Ajumma)’s of Korea, they are the distinct society group of the country. Without these old-aged women of South Korea, would you never see a country as developed as South Korea. 687 more words

Banana In Korea

Role Reversal And The Circle Of Life

The circle of life plays on my mind a lot at the moment, as I watch my children turn into adults.

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Midlife Observations

Not such a bad week.😃

I exercised 4 times this week. That is bordering on consistency! 1 run, 1 swim 2 rowing.  I missed yoga due to work, so swam instead. 210 more words

Of things I am not in quest of.

To be free, one has to completely abandon all cultural concepts. And most language as well. Freedom is a continuous process of cutting the leashes that tether spirit to matter. 563 more words


Long awaited Parkrun

Last night Hubs offered to be the child taxi service in the morning. ‘oh no,’ I said, feeling kind, ‘I’ll be up anyway for Parkrun I’ll take him.’ ‘I really don’t mind’ he said ‘lets decide in the morning’ I said. 216 more words


The rain appears to have stopped but I can hear water gurgling down the drain from the roof. It’s so quiet here, I never hear anything that irritates me. 514 more words