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Congratulations to Area H Supervisor Melissa Cradic on submitting her PhD. dissertation!

Last week Melissa submitted her PhD dissertation titled “Transformation in Death: The Archaeology of Funerary Practices and Personhood in the Bronze Age Levant.” 200 more words


Research Takes Forever

Today is the seventh day of my bone study. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 am, arriving at the lab before the sun is above the horizon. 769 more words


Let the Bones Begin

I’m delighted to say I’m in the lab for my first full day of bone analysis. I worried that retrieving my materials from the museum where they were stored would take weeks, but our exceptional representatives at the… 450 more words


Sa Fogaia

The corridor nuraghe Sa Fogaia is one of my favorite monuments in Sardinia for many reasons. Some of those reasons are personal. Sa Fogaia was the first monument I explored on the Siddi Plateau. 1,422 more words


In Quest of a Tweet

I’ve been in Sardinia less than two weeks, and I’ve been called out twice for not doing enough to share my research in Italian. It’s a fair criticism. 608 more words


Foot of Avebury Down Dig - Day 5

We’ve finished our chequerboard excavation of Trench 1! Now it needs a clean back to really bring out the features we’ve identified. We’ve had a Middle Bronze Age day today, with a pottery sherd in the top fill of a feature, found by two delighted students, and it looks like a few post holes have been revealed! 63 more words


Abel Beth Maacah 2017 Week 1. Update and Reflections

This week seemed to go on forever. Time has a way of nearly standing still at times on archaeological digs and it’s only at the end of the week that you’re able to really look back and notice how much you  actually managed to get done. 1,118 more words