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Feminism the greatest disservice to mankind

Feminism, a modern day syndrome in educated middle class women as one of their favorite pass time. In this competitive society fairer sex still enjoys the luxury of a lot of fairness. 749 more words


Feminism, class and lazy reporting

I am writing this in my study, sat before front of a state-of-the-art computer, a cup of coffee in one hand, a cute, plump baby in the other, a phone cradled on my shoulder. 775 more words


Your kitchen and feminism. Are they related?

A woman in my sorority recently told me, “I’ve tried to read your blog but I just can’t because I love to make men sandwiches.” 506 more words

Gender Roles

Really? I Still Have To Protest This Shit?!?

It REALLY is incredible that in 2012, women’s reproductive health and basic rights have been so viciously attacked by the likes of Santorum and Mitt Romney… 44 more words


"Ain't I a Woman"

By Juliana Jiménez

Never are the problematics of race and gender at their most evident but when we see how the media disproportionately covers the hell out of disappeared pretty, young, white women and gives very little coverage to disappeared black women or men. 945 more words


Cous Cous, Petrol And The Economy

Something that I’ve noticed recently, is that an astronomical amount of people are buying Ainsley Harriot branded products. Various soups, and Cous Cous, all with a contemprorary mug shot of the man himself which will make middle class women go weak at the knees. 521 more words

This Funny Old World