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When Bigotry Paraded in the Streets

In “When Bigotry Paraded in the Streets,”Josh Rothman (a friend and colleague at University of Alabama) describes the surge of membership in the Ku Klux Klan during the 1920s. 300 more words


Poverty And Parenthood

Many of the people I assist looking for employment have children and of those who do, almost all tell me how much those children mean to them. 894 more words

Job Search Advice

Never too broke to observe.

I think I may have reached the end of this credit line extended by middle-class privilege. Credit that has nothing to do with money itself but is sustained by the unwavering belief in the monetary system and all the values it purports. 1,168 more words


David Harvey and Robert Brenner discuss Trump, finance and the end of capitalism

Here is the video of the debate between David Harvey and Robert Brenner last week at the CUNY Graduate Center, with the title ‘What now? The roots of the economic crisis and the way forward’. 15 more words

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Equal But Poor

Hungary is supposed to be a very happy place – if we are to believe the inequality warriors. Income distribution is so flat that 32% of Hungarians belong to the middle class (defined as 80-120% of the median income) – according to ILO (2011) – and over 75% earns between 60-200% of the median income ( 518 more words


Remembering Pearl Harbor

Worth remembering from the archives:

December 7, 1941

Just as 9/11  is a marker for this current generation, and November 22 was for mine, Sunday  December 7, 1941 was a where-were-you-when-kind of day that was seared permanently in the memory of the greatest generation, including my parents. 828 more words

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