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The Great Disconnect

Down in de hood dhey don’t get it what honky be doin’

out in de wide lands where cream ‘o de crop be acruin’,

while out dhere where dhe green grass meet dhe smooth curb… 395 more words



Sorry this post is a bit late from the time it actually occurred but I’m still pretty excited about it and deemed it blog worthy.This week we had a little bit of excitement when President Barack Obama paid a visit to Birmingham,AL to speak at a local community college less than 10 minutes from my hometown. 371 more words


Where's the beef?

The short answer is, on a boat to China. That’s also the long answer.

After an entire adulthood of paying somewhere between 59 cents and $1.89 a pound for hamburger, I suddenly find myself saying, ‘Oh, only $3.69 a pound – well, that’s not too bad.’ 344 more words

Cats! - who knew?!

Okay, so I was feeling nice after WordPress contacted me to say that they were posting my site on their main page for a while. They had liked my sex and fruit flies piece, and within a week, my subscribers had sky-rocketed – doubled, in fact – all the way up to 500. 337 more words


In Bloom

Vents pumpin’ C.F.C,
Levitate synths past dance-floor into stratosphere,

William’s Mix infiltrated by punting, flat rims,
Shootin’ sulfur.

Pilot Birangonas to Burigangas,
Give it a few months, or 528; 133 more words


"Image Conflicting With His Actual Personality": The Real Ted Cruz; Country Music, Harvard Law, And Tea Party 'Populism'

Nobody who knows Ted Cruz — the Texas freshman senator who became the first official contestant for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination this week – doubts that he is very, very smart. 613 more words

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