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The dance recital

by Mémé

We often spar on the Totebag about what is Middle Class, invoking regional and educational differences in raw income numbers and in cultural markers of that status. 225 more words

Democratic Populism A Recipe For Electoral Disaster

One of the less noted but no less important aspects of American politics has been the steady leftward swing of the Democratic Party.  The party of Andrew Jackson, representing the poor, forgotten man has now become a party focused on income inequality and composed of an up-scale, down-scale coalition that has a predilection to not show up in midterms. 1,741 more words


Glastonbury drivel and pseudery from John Harris of the 'Graun'

By Robert Greenwood:

If, when I go to Hell, I do not wake up in the VIP buttery at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club, I will come to post-mortem consciousness sitting on a waterless toilet in a prayer tent at the Glastonbury Pop Music Festival. 320 more words

Posted By JD

After the Parade 2

My last post I expressed some reservations about the value of the way the parade seemed tuned to middle-class sensibilities. There was always, since the Stonewall Rebellion, a kind of incipient anarchy about to explode just under the veneer. 62 more words


Bernie-ism of the Day - July 1

“We are the only major country on earth … have low income, working class, middle class, giving birth to babies do you know what they have to do? 67 more words

Geeks For Bernie

Obama wants to make 5 million more workers eligible for overtime pay

(CNNMoney) — An estimated 5 million more salaried workers may soon become automatically eligible for overtime pay.

That’s according to President Obama, who on Monday evening previewed a key part of a proposed change to overtime rules. 425 more words