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Trump and the Truth About America's Dying Economy: Part I

Trump’s a man of big ideas and small words.  He keeps it simple.  He tells it like it is.  So when he says that America’s economy can’t take four more years of gross mismanagement, he means it. 888 more words


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After the election, American conservatives cannot simply pretend that Donald Trump never happened. The Republican Party must fully reject Trumpism and then reach out to voters with a brighter, most optimistic conservative message… 704 more words

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Penn and the Middle Class

   William Penn: a Quaker, the founder of the city of Philadelphia, and the colony and what would later be the state of Pennsylvania.  He also, famously, came to a peaceful agreement with the Indians of the Lenape which later backfired on the Natives.   480 more words

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Bourgeoisie: (n) the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values

It was called a skeleton key.

Certain locks were made to be universal, and opened by a single common key. 241 more words

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It seems half the voters hate Hillary Clinton, and the other half hate Donald Trump.   Maybe our real enemy is not Hillary or Trump… but God. 1,529 more words


Chabon and Mistry short stories

A paired look at Rohinton Mistry Tales from Firozsha Baag and Michael Chabon Werewolves in Their Youth.

I chanced upon these back to back, both short story collections, both by writers in their working youth – Mistry’s first book and an early one for Chabon.  500 more words

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The New Middle Class

Does social class still matter voting behaviour today?

For the past century, society has seen tremendous change to the structure of class systems. The internal struggle of the working class and the upper class, had been well documented in the context of… 765 more words