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I work very hard for the money I earn, to pay the bills I have, to eat the food I eat, to have pets, to live on a smallholding. 698 more words

South Africa

"Utterly Uncouth And Unqualified": Donald Trump Is A Middle Finger To The Entire Political System

Is the key to Donald Trump’s success just old-fashioned racism? He surely stokes race hatred among his followers and even more-or-less openly panders to anti-Semitism… 894 more words

Donald Trump

The Perfect Wardrobe Management

Here’s to the world of Haute Couture!

Fashion initiated as a desire to adorn one’s body for enhancing their personality, gaining confidence and well, for augmenting one’s attractiveness. 861 more words

Mini phone, middle class and jam on the ceiling

This teeny tiny phone
Getting salmon delivered with Dish Next Door. So middle class.
Watching Black Books together. The jam really got me.

"Really Dumb Politics": The Stupidest Thing GOP Leaders Have Done Lately? Threaten To Take Away Middle Class Overtime Pay

Talk about a political tin ear! Wednesday, House Republican Leader Paul Ryan and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell threatened to take away middle class overtime pay. 866 more words

Middle Class

The State of Indiana’s Unions in 2016

This report is the second in a five-part series on the “State of the Unions” for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. All five reports will be available… 420 more words