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Why India's middle class feels the domestic maid has "literally bought us"

India’s middle class is quick to stand up for the national anthem, rail against the “lal batti”, cry along with the families of martyred soldiers. 960 more words

Trump's 15% tax ain't happening

Dear Trump-Pets. As a self-employed consultant, I support a 15% marginal tax on pass-throughs. Is it going to happen? No. Paul Ryan and Company won’t allow it and Nancy Pelosi and her minions will message negatively on the idea, calling it a gift to hedge fund managers who already benefit from carried interest. 80 more words


America's Middle Class Is Shrinking But Still Rich Compared to Europe

Even as the middle class has been shrinking in the U.S., it’s been growing in places like France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. 361 more words


The Middle Class in Europe - Expands in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, but ...

From 1991 to 2010, the middle class expands in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, but, as in the United States, shrinks in Germany, Italy and Spain… 1,190 more words

A Closer Look

New data show change in the class (identity) structure

Updating a 2013 post with the 2016 General Social Survey. Not a lot of interpretation, just some facts.

The GSS has, since 1972, asked Americans: 634 more words

In The News

Elvis' Middle Class Home: 1034 Audubon Drive

In 1956, Elvis Presley, 21 bought a home for his parents and himself at

1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis, TN

Elvis shows off his 2 seater German car, which he used to haul on later tours so he could drive around. 208 more words

Oh, Rich People

This post goes off my first blog post “Money Can Buy Happiness.” And honestly this is going to probably be a complete contradiction of what I said, or it may not. 1,060 more words