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Carnage (2011) - Roman Polanski (director) ; Yasmina Reza (writer)

A closed-room play on film, in which the parents of two children who have had a playground fight meet to try to handle the situation and descend into chaos. 45 more words


Inquiry of a College Student

Answer me this.

So, I’m a middle class girl. My dad makes upwards of $40,000 a year. My mom has a forty hour a week job selling furniture plus commission. 775 more words

A thought of confused chemistry

It’s been long i was thinking i will write some thing on this topic, a different chemistry or you can say chemical reaction inside our brain about feelings. 393 more words

The Hollowing out of the Middle Class By the One Percent And Their Political Class Warriors Like Ron Wyden

It’s the hollowing out of the U.S. economy by the super rich as they destroy the middle class, and leave nothing but anti-American economic and political inequality in its wake. 400 more words


Say, how often a middle class family living in a nice neighborhood
has to clean their drains, gutters, downspouts, air ducts,
fiber-optic and copper cables, sump pits, fireplaces, etcetera? 89 more words


The middle class.

Reviving the middle class. It’s the catch phrase of this presidential election campaign and whoever the voters believe can deliver for the middle class will be our next president. 1,748 more words