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A Pay Check Away (The Game Has Changed Pt 2)

Yesterday was payday. After working hard on my part time job for two weeks, after taxes were taking out I only made about $200. I may have made more than that but #snowmaggedon2016 caused me to loose so many hours. 805 more words

Im-Politic: The Establishment Starts Sliming All of Trump-Nation

Silly me. I thought that a January Marketwatch.com column blaming working- and middle-class supporters of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy for their economic plight would mark the high-water mark of the establishment media’s brazen elitism during this political… 721 more words


A Modest Proposal

Every so often, I look at America through the eyes of other countries. Every time I do, what I see looks worse than it did before. 650 more words

Social Commentary

Galanthus and gall

I have spent the last 5 years working in the health and social care sector, during which time I’ve met people living in the most challenging of circumstances, dealing with money worries, illness, disability, loneliness, addiction, depression and myriad other issues. 746 more words


It's not a question of party, it's a question of pocket book.

The fight between Democrats and Republicans seems like an already psychotic form of a Hydra on steroids. You know, that thing that Hercules fought and it kept growing more heads. 1,199 more words


Through Jumia and Axa, Insurance Services Are Accessible

Due to the growth and rising demand of the middle class in Africa, indigenous online shopping mall, Jumia and one of the world’s asset management and insurance leaders, AXA have decided to collaborate to bring insurance services to Africans via online and mobile platforms.

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The central truth of Trumpism as a phenomenon: the entire American working class has legitimate reasons to be angry at the ruling class

Trump’s America
by Charles Murray
February 12, 2016

If you are dismayed by Trumpism, don’t kid yourself that it will fade away if Donald Trump fails to win the Republican nomination. 114 more words