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Also in Media: "Polls Lend a Glimpse Into the Minds of Middle Easterners" - Philos Project - March 14, 2017

Although history books say that the Arab Spring ended five years ago, Stimson Center Middle East Fellow Ellen Laipson recently cautioned that the uprising’s revolutionary wave of demonstrations is in no way over. 

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FTAC - Middle East Conflict - A Little Wisdom

BackChannels editor means to turn some attention to writing fiction, but not on this post, which responds to the political cant that has been spinning off the concept of “The Occupation” for decades. 599 more words

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Also in Media: Ynetnews News - "The KGB's Middle East Files: Leaking thousands of documents" - October 28, 2016

Within a short period of time, the MI6 launched a secret operation in which Mitrokhin and his family were smuggled to Britain. They landed in the country along with the KGB’s top secrets: tens of thousands of documents that Mitrokhin had copied and hidden in milk barrels and other containers in the floor of his two dachas, one of them in the suburbs of Moscow.

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