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More Democratic Senators Support Iran Deal

by James M. Wall

Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York and leader of the pro-Israel forces in the Senate, announced on August 6, that he would oppose President Obama’s effort to gain Congressional support for the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. 1,158 more words

Middle East Politics

ISIS Destroys Ancient Temple In Palmyra

Isis militants have destroyed an ancient temple at the ruins of Palmyra in Syria, activists said last night.

Activists claimed the Baalshamin Temple was blown up yesterday by militants using explosives. 436 more words

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Britain Re-opens Embassy in Tehran

Britain reopened its embassy in Tehran on Sunday nearly four years after protesters ransacked the ambassador’s residence and burned the Union Jack.

In a signal of the most striking thaw in Western ties with Iran for over a decade, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond watched the British flag being raised in the garden of the opulent 19th century building while the national anthem played. 609 more words

International Affairs

Australia Considering Request to Join U.S. Led Air Coalition Against ISIS in Syria

Australia is considering a U.S. request to launch airstrikes against Islamic State fighters in Syria in an unprecedented departure from Australian foreign policy that could spark political disputes. 428 more words

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Arabs overturning their own preconceptions about Israel

There’s plenty of bad news out there which I will get to in a subsequent post, but for now, here’s some more good news from our Arab neighbours. 1,881 more words

Israel News

Letters: Iran deal eases threat of war

Re: “Iran’s nuclear deal raises serious questions” (Opinion, Aug. 14)

Irwin Cotler’s long experience on Iran has allowed him to write this thoughtful piece on the subject of the proposed new deal. 276 more words


Fred Hiatt: Who goes there, friend or warmonger?

Last week President Obama defended the Iran agreement in part by dismissing its critics as people who supported the war in Iraq 13 years ago — “the same people who seem to have no compunction with being repeatedly wrong,” he said. 797 more words

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