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Blocking Social Media and the Restriction of Democracy in Turkey

Ashby Henningsen, UMBC:

For many years, Turkey has stood as a unique outlier within a politically and civilly turbulent region. Until Tunisia’s systemic shift during the Arab Spring, many considered Turkey to be the lone example of a stable democratic government in the ideologically charged Middle East, surrounded as it has been by authoritarian regimes and extremist organizations. 1,157 more words

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Re-evaluating the Threat of a Nuclear Iran

Ahmed Eissa, UMBC:

There are a lot of reasons to be afraid of Iran’s nuclear program, and there are a lot of reasons not to be. 1,149 more words

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When Brokering Peace in Israel, Bias Prevents Progress

Dana Ettinger, JHU:

There is a French movie called “Une Bouteille à la Mer” (the English title is “A Bottle in the Gaza Sea”) that tells the story of a young woman living in Jerusalem who writes a message in a bottle and throws it into the Gaza Sea, where it’s found by a young man from Gaza. 863 more words

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Charles Krauthammer: Iran's neighbours are right to fear nuclear accord

“Negotiations … to prevent an Iranian capability to develop a nuclear arsenal are ending with an agreement that concedes this very capability …”
— Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, The Wall Street Journal, April 8… 794 more words

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