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Putin is expected to lead the anti-Trump front in Syria or to engage in bargaining with the US.

– The explicit Turkish-Iranian bickering is unprecedented

– Turkey has lost Mosul but managed to occupy a part of Syria

– The Erdogan coup against his allies of yesterday is not new on this part… 1,660 more words

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Egyptian parliament expels prominent opponent of President Sissi and nephew of former president Sadat

CAIRO — Egypt’s parliament on Monday expelled one of its few dissenting lawmakers, the scion of a storied political family, having accused him of leaking sensitive information to Western diplomats. 851 more words


Saudi king reported to be taking 459 tonnes of luggage, including two limos, on nine-day trip to Indonesia

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud is heading to Indonesia this week for a nine-day visit. It will be the first time in 46 years that a Saudi king has visited the world’s largest Muslim nation, and it comes at a time of heightened attention on the economic links between the two nations. 329 more words


Dismantle the nuclear deal, dismantle prospects for peace

Used adeptly, the deal could curb Iran’s involvement in Syria and precipitate democratisation. Rip it up and those dreams are over.

Published by Middle East Eye on February 8th, 2o17. 12 more words

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How Donald Trump does not Understand Iran

It took only 12 days in office for U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration to put Iran “on notice” that the era of compromise had been replaced by an era of confrontation. 1,843 more words


Geneva talks doomed: Turkey’s changing position in Syria is pushing Russia into more aggression

The US- Russia relationship over Syria will be blown apart and pushed into opposition

Erdogan is hiding behind Saudi Arabia and mimics the US hostility towards Iran… 1,542 more words

Middle East Politics

Lawrence Solomon: Trump's 'alt-state' solution suddenly looks like the best deal for Israelis and Arabs

What could President Trump have possibly meant last week at his press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when he said he wasn’t committed to a one- or two-state solution for Israel, and that he was seeking “a bigger and better deal than people in this room even understand”? 800 more words

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