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The One Lesson of the Holocaust

Daniel Greenfield brilliantly hits it out of the park again in this blistering calling out of the cowardice of Leftist Jews for not more forcefully opposing Obama’s delusional Iran Nuclear Deal and for so cynically supporting the predictably catastrophic “Two State Solution” for the Arab/Israeli conflict, despite the Arabs stating clearly that a Palestinian State would be merely the first phase in their determined quest to rid the Middle East of Israel & its Jews once & for all. 1,171 more words


America is trying to block the path of the "Shiite crescent" from Syria and is preparing the ground for a "new Middle East".

  • The Hezbollah message to Israel
  • Fua and Kfarya agreement, an unknown fate again
  • Battlefield development

Key words: Syria, Russia, U.S., Israel, saudi Arabia, Iran, Hezbollah, Kurds, Turkey. 1,631 more words

Middle East Politics

What did Syria's war do to Hezbollah?

What is the most visible impact of Syrian conflict on Hezbollah and how would you shortly assess a position of Hezbollah after 6 years of Syrian conflict, is Hezbollah stronger, weaker or basically the same, and why? 705 more words


The fire of the Syrian war is spreading following US tomahawk deployment

Published here: http://alrai.li/xg4s3l7  via @AlraiMediaGroup

Elijah J. Magnier – @EjmAlrai

When President Donald Trump was elected, the world expected him to dedicate his attention to the US economy and avoid unnecessary involvement in wars. 1,678 more words

Middle East Politics

My new WINEP article

In an article for The Washington Institute for Near East Policy I analyze  President Trump’s focus on rebuilding alliances with traditional US allies in the Middle East.