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Can Virtual Reality Fix Our Politics and Us?

A two-part series on Chris Milk’s revolutionary virtual reality filmmaking that could change politics, journalism and human empathy. By: Itihaas Singh

It was a warm, serene Sunday as I sat restlessly in my house in suburban Pennsylvania. 1,771 more words

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Glavin: The British Left's run-in with anti-semitism a stern warning for NDP

It’s known as the Livingstone Formulation. It’s a cunning rhetorical device routinely deployed to shield avowedly left-wing establishment figures from any scrutiny that might expose their “anti-Zionist” obsessions as redolent of a bigotry of that older and more unambiguously unsanitary type: antisemitism. 1,220 more words


Alistair Reign News Blog Launches YouTube Channel

Follow Alistair Reign’s YouTube Channel and watch rarely seen documentaries and live video reports from correspondents and journalists reporting on location.
Alistair Reign News online has a focus on human right’s violations, politics of global importance, humanitarians in war-torn countries, petitions supporting human rights, and charity fundraising campaigns to benefit children of war.
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Hawkish Hillary Clinton Prefers the Big Stick

by James M. Wall

The ugliest, meanest, primary-caucus season in modern history, is over.

History will record the ending came when Republican champion Donald Trump swept five states in Tuesday’s primaries while Democratic winner Hillary Clinton won four out of five primaries. 912 more words

Middle East Politics

Israel frees 12-year-old girl, the youngest female Palestinian ever imprisoned by the country

HEBRON, Palestinian Territory — A 12-year-old Palestinian girl, imprisoned by Israel after she confessed to planning a stabbing attack on Israelis in a West Bank settlement, returned home Sunday after she was freed early following an appeal. 407 more words


Eli Lake: U.S. ties with Saudi Arabia flourish behind screen of official tensions

The U.S.-Saudi relationship appears to be on the rocks.

Most recently, the rift of 9/11 has been reopened. This month “60 Minutes” reported on the still-classified final chapter of a 2003 Senate report on the attacks, which it said would show that some Saudi officials, charities and wealthy individuals supported two of the 9/11 hijackers. 764 more words

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