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The Power of Studying a Culture Through its Artwork

One of my favorite classes in college was an art history elective I took.  It was a general elective course on the history of art through the years.   905 more words


Allowing Discussions to Grow and Develop Organically

My mind can sometimes seem to me like a wild and scary place.  One minute I’m thinking about the newest City and Colour album while in the next moment I’m contemplating the number of tiles on the floor in my classroom.   770 more words


The Value in Gender-Balanced Co-Teaching

Each and every one of my teachers from kindergarten to grade five was female.  Was that a bad thing?  At times I thought it was as most of my teachers had also been teaching for a very long time and didn’t seem to understand boys and how they learn best.   1,107 more words


Learning Through Reflection and Research

Learning is a never ending process, much like that song entitled The Song that Never Ends…  There’s always more to do, review, try…  As a student in school, I struggled to see this process.   965 more words


Broadening the Perspectives of our Students Can Be Challenging

When I was a teenager, I thought I knew it all and was right about everything.  When I had an opinion, I took it as fact.   1,118 more words


Impromptu Fun in the Classroom

Some of my favorite memories in and out of the classroom stem from last minute changes in the routine or plan.  Several years ago, when I first took the sixth grade class to Cape Cod for a week to learn about the geology and ecology of the region, the group running the program asked my co-teacher and I, late one afternoon, if we wanted to take the boys for ice cream following dinner.   573 more words


Giving Students a Chance

I’ve never been a fan of negative talk or complaining, and a recent study proves how contagious negative talk can be amongst a group of people.   982 more words