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The Coming Economic Crunch

You know, I don’t do much with the economic news on this blog. Oh, I realize a lot of it is tied to politics, and that’s what this is all about, it’s just that I think a lot of the economic doom and gloom that you hear over the years is bunk and isn’t worth anything. 559 more words

Middle East Tensions Rising: Iran and Saudi Arabia

Tensions in the Middle East are on the rise again this week after Iran’s condemnation of the execution of a prominent and outspoken Shiite cleric by the Royal House of Saud in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with the executions of some 50 others condemned by the State led to attacks on the Saudi embassy and consulate in Iran which prompted the reduction – or altogether dissolution – of diplomatic ties of many Gulf states with Iran. 231 more words


Coming - very soon!!! War, Famine...

World war

A world war nears as tensions continue to rise. The failing economies and the Middle East tensions will boil over. Both sides of this war are funded by the same elite group who are seeking population reduction. 289 more words


Chevron CEO Talks Oil Prices - $Oil $UNG $CVX $DWTI $UWTI

Chevron CEO John Watson talks oil prices, Middle East tensions, debt and dividends with, CNBC’s Kelly Evans.

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Palestinian Teen Back In United States

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–The Palestinian teen born in Baltimore and beaten in Israel wakes up on U.S. soil. Mary Bubala reports, the 15-year-old arrived in Tampa, Florida Wednesday night to a supportive crowd. 282 more words



            A new wrinkle in the drama unfolding in Syria popped up this past week when Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi severed relations with Syria and withdrew the Egyptian ambassador. 502 more words

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RUSSIAN OIL: Is another BP deal going to end in tears?

The Rosneft takeover is ominous in almost every sense

Allegedly, everyone’s a winner in BP’s Russian deal. But thousands of investors in Rosneft, BP and Russia have their doubts. 582 more words

BP In Russia