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The not-so-amazing Dubai

A few years ago, a Senior Managing Director in Accenture asked the 12YearOldBoy if he has been to Dubai. He sheepishly answered that he hadn’t (also knowing that nearly every one of his clan is known to have a relative in the Gulf). 1,113 more words

Middle East Travel

Jordan: 1 Country. 2 Twelve-Year Olds. 5 Cities. 8 Days. Infinite memories.

It was one of those trips we just “let’s go to” decided over a coffee, checked for flights, booked, checked for hotels, booked and took off. 140 more words

Middle East Travel

Day 1 @ Jordan

In and around Amman

It was visa on arrival for Indians, and boy, what a beautiful experience we had at the Queen Alia International Airport. The immigration officer welcomed us with a cheerful smile, asked us where we would stay, checked our Jordan passes, stamped the passports and waved us on saying “Welcome to Jordan!” This is something we would hear throughout our stay in Jordan: from taxi drivers and security guards to waiters, policemen and generally, everyone we encountered. 690 more words

Middle East Travel

Day 2 @ Jordan

Jerash…and to Dead Sea

Day 2 dawned early, we had an early breakfast from Rafi Hotel (the typical Jordanian spread) and set out to Jerash. The cabbie we paid advance to couldn’t make it, so he sent a third guy. 508 more words

Middle East Travel

Day 3 @ Jordan

Via Little Petra…on to Petra

We left early in the day, after a rather sumptuous continental breakfast. With the same cab driver’s help, we stopped on the way to catch several sights. 465 more words

Middle East Travel

Day 4 @ Jordan

At the world-famous Petra

We were up at 5.15 a.m., the 12YearOldGirl groggy as hell, what with all the medicines and the dizziness and the fatigue. 743 more words

Middle East Travel

Day 5 @ Jordan

To Aqaba

Jordan is like a little time traveller’s machine that’s not been calibrated well, because of which it keeps flitting you back and forth from one era to another. 645 more words

Middle East Travel