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Nature Photography - Day 3

Being a New Zealander, the stark, barren landscapes of the Middle East (or at least, the five countries I have visited so far) are always startling. 132 more words


On Screen #8 – Arabian Peninsula

Mention the words Middle East and many westerners may well have negative thoughts  but replace those words with Arabia instead and far more evocative and romantic images are likely to come to mind. 1,219 more words

Movie Locations

A Pathway Not Much Trod Upon

Greetings from the great American roadway… Highway.  As we wind our way South in the camper van on the crowded roads of the United States, I tell Ms. 2,818 more words

The Fear of Travel

Ms. B. won’t let me take little A. to the Congo yet so we are all going to Florida on a camper van journey instead.  Most likely, this first ever full family wander will involve at least a few escapades worth writing stories about.   2,353 more words

To my friends blasting Muslims for the Paris attacks

This post was inspired by a particular exchange with a friend online, but is intended for every one of my friends who is tempted to respond to the violence in Paris by blocking all Syrian refugees from coming to the US, screening immigrants by religion, or painting all Muslims with the same brush. 986 more words


Travel Chat: Wolf Cub Adventures

Lately, I have felt the traveler’s version of “not being able to have it all”. Do you choose to travel, or have a family? Do we have to pick? 1,778 more words


Is It Safe To Travel To Lebanon

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about my trip to Lebanon this past June, mostly concerns about safety, especially because currently the U.S. government warns against going to that area of the world right now.  1,200 more words

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