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France's Ayrault Urges Russia to Support U.N. Resolution On Syria

A United Nations report on the use of illegal chemical weapons that were used in military operations inside of the war-torn country of Syria is a chance to push the Russian Federation to accept a formal United Nations resolution that would condemn the Syrian regime over the use of the weapons, and resume political diplomatic discussions, according to French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. 102 more words


Western Media and Authorities Continue to Ignore the Muzzie Terrorist Carnage

There are reasons for the 21st century jihad.  Most of which can be attributed to the lack of courage by Western civilization to do what it takes to stop this onslaught. 205 more words

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Iraq Plans To Sell Oil Through Iran If Talks With Kurds Fail

The Iraqi government will consider selling large quantities of crude oil through the Iranian government should discussions with the Kurds over ongoing oil revenue-sharing agreement fails, according to a senior Iraqi oil ministry official in Baghdad, as reported by… 86 more words


Backed By Airstrikes, Turkey Moves More Tanks Into Syria In What Is Now Almost A Full On Invasion

On Saturday, rebel militant forces supported by the Turkish military, battled Kurdish-backed forces in northern Syria, as the Turkish government has now increased the amount of military troops, equipment, and mechanized tanks into Syria, noting it also had carried out airstrikes on Kurdish forces and the Islamic State terrorist group. 128 more words


The Geopolitical Therapist

Terrorism is a real threat, but it’s not an existential threat to the existence of the democratic country of the United States of America. Terrorism can cause real problems. 30 more words


Senior Iran Cleric Faces Down Culture Minister Over Concerts

In the campaigning leading up to Iran’s 2013 presidential vote, among the most important promises of Hassan Rouhani were those on cultural issues. After winning the election, Rouhani named Ali Jannati as his minister of culture and Islamic guidance to fulfil his promises. 27 more words


Syria: the west cannot stand back and let Aleppo be destroyed 

Rebels in Aleppo say they have broken the siege of the city, but have yet to establish a secure route for civilians. Government forces under President Bashar al-Assad deny they have been pushed out of the city. 41 more words

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