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Iran is Telling the Truth About its Nuclear Program


July 16, 2015(ANTIMEDIA) After a long and complicated negotiation, the P5+1 (permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany) and Iran arrived at a historic agreement. 679 more words

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Triumph of Diplomacy over War: Final Nuclear Deal with Iran Defeats the War Party

Triumph of Diplomacy over War: Final Nuclear Deal with Iran Defeats the War Party

By Vojin Joksimovich

Modern Tokyo Times

In April this writer addressed the draft agreement between the six world powers and Iran which represents a remarkably good deal from the nuclear non-proliferation standpoint with a potential of becoming a historic game-changer. 1,926 more words


أميره (Amiirah) from Druze Village

Feeling overwhelmed with turmoil in the Middle East? Escape to the mountains and meet the Druze….particularly Amiirah and Hi-Yael, Druze couple with an open door policy, freakishly good cooking skills and a desire to use religion to build peace. 227 more words

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Happy 25th birthday to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

It took just under 2 years from the end of the Iran-Iraq War for Saddam Hussein’s relations with his two biggest allies during the war, Kuwait and the United States, to be irrevocably destroyed. 908 more words


Bedouins of Jordan

“I’m 10 years old. I learn my english from tourists…some of you are rude, but you are pretty nice. I’ll give you this postcard because I like you but don’t tell anyone.”

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The Soft Power Hoax | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

U.S. officials love the idea of “soft power,” a concept that applies non-violent means – from propaganda to culture – to induce foreign countries to conform to Washington’s wishes. 34 more words