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DAY 4 "A great Christmas ADVENTure!"

4th December 2016 DAY 4

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The Birth of Jesus

At the time of the 1st Advent and birth of Jesus there was massive people movement because of the Roman occupation and Augustus wanting to take a census of the Jews,   505 more words

Jabez's Prayer

The Laws of Succession of the Ghassanids

Once and for all, people must understand that there are differences between the Royal Houses of Europe and the rest of the world. Several “pseudo-scholars” try to standardize every single Dynasty on the planet with the European system which is absolutely inapplicable. 4,758 more words

Will 2017 See End of US Neocons’ Promotion of Chaos Theory?

Human Wrongs Watch

3 December 2016 (RT) – For 25 years, from Afghanistan to Syria, we’ve seen the chaos promoted by Washington neocons. Trump will hopefully be an assertive defender of US interests rather than an assertive meddler, says Oxford Crisis Research Institute Director Mark Almond. 763 more words

The Peoples

Moroccan LGBT asylum requests on rise after lesbian persecution

On Nov 25, 2016 NL Times reported: Penalties facing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Morocco are leading to an increase in LGBT asylum requests in the Netherlands.  

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Middle East

Perry Dingo – Project DAK wip11

Dingo …..

Perry Dingo Scout Car. Picked a different camo for some contrast. Nice simple and attractive model, just needing decals and flags, which should go on this week as the plan is to wrap up everything except the Perry AT-Portee by the weekend.


Spilt Glue And Paint Fumes - Pics From The Workbench

The Last Diplomat - WSJ

As Robin Raphel worked for the State Department in Pakistan, her brand of traditional diplomacy ran into the new realities of covert surveillance. The collision turned her life upside down. 409 more words

Media And Culture,

Villanova Hosts Major Conference On Plight Of Christians In Middle East

by KYW’s Ian Bush

WAYNE, PA (CBS) — Do Christians have a future in the region where their religion was born? The Christian population continues to dwindle across the Middle East, due in part to persecution by extremist groups. 346 more words