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5 Questions Obama Should Have Been Asked About the Islamic State Fight -- but Wasn't

President Barack Obama made a rare trip to the Pentagon to huddle with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and top brass about the war against the Islamic State. 1,201 more words

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If Only the World Could Fail Like Americans Do

The reason we love sports is that they create the illusion that in a world of chaos there are rules of play and clear outcomes. We choose a team with which we can identify, and we vicariously rise or fall with its wins or its defeats.  2,510 more words

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Again the Mediterranean: Greek democracy and ISIS terrorism will change the 21st century of Europe and farther?

“Events my dear boy, events”. This is what Harold Macmillan, the British Prime Minister, had said when was asked by a journalist what is most likely to blow governments off course. 1,468 more words

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Saudi Arabia Led Bombing Kills More Civilians in Yemen: International Silence

Saudi Arabia Led Bombing Kills More Civilians in Yemen: International Silence

Murad Makhmudov, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Saudi Arabia is continuing with its bombing campaign of Yemen along with coalition members that flout international law on a whim. 544 more words

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The Most Dangerous Military Unit You've Never Heard Of...

Necessity, allegedly, is the mother of invention (pace Frank Zappa). So if you wanted to create a truly formidable foreign operations division for your military, there would be few better crucibles than the trifecta of (1) international isolation, by (2) implacable enemies, who (3) have vastly superior economic and military resources. 576 more words


European Union threatened by 4 great crises (Second Coming Watch Update #658)


1. Four great crises around Europe’s fringes threaten to engulf the European Union, potentially setting the ambitious post-war unification project back by decades.

2. A senior Israeli official warned on Friday that the prospective nuclear deal with Iran would empower it to take over the Middle East and trigger a regional nuclear arms race. 250 more words

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