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Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins slam Left for giving Islam “free pass” despite jihad terrorism

What is noteworthy about this is how selective and one-sided Maher and Dawkins are. They’re all upset about the Marxist anti-Semite Maryam Namazie being banned from speaking at a university because of her views on Islam, but have never said a word while for years Pamela Geller and I and others who tell the same truths about Islam that Namazie tells (and more consistently than she does because we do not support the “Palestinian” jihad as she does) have received the same treatment from universities and other venues. 673 more words

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Islamic State blows up ancient Arch of Triumph in Palmyra

Besides removing supposed temptations to idolatry, Islamic jihadists want to destroy the artifacts of non-Muslim civilizations because doing so testifies to the truth of Islam, as the Qur’an suggests that the destroyed remnants of ancient non-Muslim civilizations are a sign of Allah’s punishment of those who rejected his truth: 304 more words

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Giant Oil Deposit Found in Southern Golan

According to estimates, the amount of oil found will make Israel self sufficient for many, many years.


Prayer Opportunity: Yet another puzzle piece in the Middle East. 100 more words

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Henry Kissinger poisoned the Middle East

By Greg Grandin

The only person Henry Kissinger flattered more than President Richard Nixon was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. In the early 1970s, the Shah, sitting atop an enormous reserve of increasingly expensive oil and a key figure in Nixon and Kissinger’s move into the Middle East, wanted to be dealt with as a serious person. 2,019 more words

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Egyptians Angry Over TV News Ticker Calling Murdered Jews ‘Martyrs’

Egyptian satellite channel CBC has come under attack for how it described Jews murdered in Jerusalem.

The news ticker says “Martyrdom of settlers and wounding of two others as well as the death of the attacker in Jerusalem.” 160 more words


Why Putin Should Stop Assad’s Barrel Bomb Attacks

Not only does the callous, criminal bombing of civilians give fuel to the Islamic State — but now Russians could be liable for abetting war crimes.


Russian Navy Backs Major Ground Offensive Against Syrian Rebels

Four Russian warships fired 26 missiles into Syria from the Caspian Sea on Wednesday, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated to Russian President Vladimir Putin on live television, destroying 11 targets from a distance of more than 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) away. 173 more words

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