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Dubai & Abu Dhabi Should be Your Next Adventure

It seems I have grown slightly obsessed with all things Dubai and Abu Dhabi. My personality always fixates on new experiences and I had the best time while visiting the United Arab Emirates. 261 more words


I Can Recommend a Bottle of Cough Syrup.

Oh say! Can you see, by the dawn’s early light. What so proudly koff* Koff* Koff* Koff* Koff* Koff* Koff Kooofff*

Leftist Senator Chuck Schumer just torpedoed the 9/11 bill by inserting a clause that renders any future litigation against the Saudis un-passable. 200 more words


Islamic State see all Europe, including Ireland, as a target

Islamic State sees the whole of Europe, including Ireland, as the “home of the Jews and the Crusaders” and one “vast battleground” for its terrorists, a leading expert has warned. 295 more words

Obama to Hanoi: "Let's Make a(n arms) Deal!"

by Peter Van Buren

What other nation on earth would signal its intent to “bury the hatchet, and what it believes to be the start of a new relationship, other than the United States, by lifting an arms embargo? 334 more words

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Erdogan using migrant issue to threaten EU

Turkey has warned it will not move forward on implementing a refugee readmission agreement with the European Union (EU) unless visa requirements are lifted for Turkish citizens without further conditions. 184 more words

Why the Islamic State’s expansion matters

By capitalizing on civil strife and fractured societies, ISIS’ expansion into Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan, leaves little doubt that the prospects for the group’s long-term viability have increased. 1,123 more words

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 Vietnam Offers a Roadmap for the Mideast

In my studies of conflicts (war if you will) I have always looked for alternate policies that would help remove the US from its massive troop build-ups and its interventions….. 338 more words

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