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500 Words At A Time: Holidays II: Thanksgiving

My favorite holiday is upon us. I love Thanksgiving. We have an annual Thanksgiving dinner where we used to invite everyone we know who hasn’t already told us that they have plans. 485 more words


ISIS sneaking in with raghead refugees

No matter what that Closet Muslim says, he cannot back up his lies with proof. None of those able bodied males of military age should be allowed to enter as refugees. 325 more words


Vault of 2011(a journal excerpt) #1

I can laugh at damn near every argument we’ve had as I look back on them. One argument in particular, as I was leaving, he flipped me off with a sinister smile and said, “Hey Doug. 386 more words


This isn’t a ‘toon which makes it even worse for the Bovine Candidate.

Judicial Watch: Email Reveals Top Aide Huma Abedin Warning State Department Staffer That Hillary Clinton Is “Often Confused”

109 more words

A Nasty Word

Collateral Damage: Ancillary effects of an attack on an area held by combatants.

Next question must be is, “Who are the combatants and what are the RoE?” 215 more words