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So you think your...

…money is safe in the bank. What do you know? Really? Do you know the new financial terms?


Cyprus was a useful beta-test and model.

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There comes a time...

…when those who believe they have the authority to do whatever they want meet the reality of the moment. The scales fall from the eyes of the electorate and the facade fades away. 588 more words


Political and Social Servitude

From Noman’s Blog

It is necessary to define servitude since it seems that some people haven’t grasped it’s meaning. Wasn’t there something in the Constitution banning just this action? 474 more words


The Great Appeaser Speaks

This is from a man who does not love this Country, you or your values.

Obama’s Pearl Harbor speech.



there is nothing like the
sight of lover’s hair draped
over chest, glowing and

there is nothing like the
sight of your lover packing… 7 more words