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"Sam, use your words."

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Iron And Wine’s Sam Beam perform a solo show at the intimate Housing Works Bookstore Café in New York City’s Soho district last week. 99 more words

Mind Space (& flipping you off)

A few weeks ago I was driving from Nashville to Kansas, returning home from a week-long family vacation. It was early too; like 7 am and I’ve been driving for 3 hours early. 699 more words


Guy gets aggressive over pic of Hispanics on Twitter... that might not be Hispanics

They break into our country, steal resources, then do shit like this. And libs still wonder why we are pushing for immigration controls… pic.twitter.com/Y5ZSv9jkgo

— Lucian B.

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Another Eco-Nazi epic fail

Once more the Watermelons, in an attempt to dictate how everyone shall live, screwed the pooch.

Low energy LED lightbulbs could be giving us all HEADACHES because they flicker too much, expert warns…

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