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Bholu Bhakt Goes Voting

Bholu Bhakt came running towards me outside the polling booth.


Bholu Bhakt: Bhai Bhai, vote karne jaa rahe ho ya karke aa rahe ho?

Me: Karke Aa Raha hun, Bholu. 49 more words


The refugee

Just who is it that the Left wished to let into this country?
With open borders, we get the traveler that decides to cross whatever their intentions may be.


Crooked middle finger

Quit my job and let myself
Spend all my money, but…
Now I know how the days go…
I know if Im gonna get all fucking wet… 228 more words


Number Eleven: Do You Ever Wonder About...?

Anybody remember the group C+C Music Factory from back in the early 90s? They weren’t around for long, but they had a number of hits off their first album, including one called “Things That Make You Go Hmm…” Don’t know it? 1,002 more words


I Doubt I Have Any Followers Who Support Trump/The Annoying Orange

But if I do, you can suck my left butt cheek! And eat my shit when you’re done! Now here’s a gif of Steven Austin throwing his fingers up.


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