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The Chronicles of Duct Tape

Wisdom du Jour

We here in the Editorial Department recommend this and WD-40 for every and any condition of trouble in life. A Ruger product will round out that trouble shooting kit. 42 more words

Middle Finger

The times they are a changing

Sooner or later those that choose not to believe will have that come to Jesus moment, that moment of enlightenment. Unfortunately, it may happen too late. 417 more words


Thinking like a Progressive

Progressive all keep the same line of thinking: A lust for power.

Uncle Joe Stalin’s Thoughts:

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed. 37 more words


Thinking like a Progressive

If you wonder why Progressives seem immune to logic, there is a reason. They follow the thoughts of Uncle Joe, Saul Alinsiy and the Chairman. 89 more words


“And the middle finger goes to…”. Why the media needs satire

A couple of months ago I discovered a late night satirist here in Germany: Jan Böhmermann. Since then, I feel better about paying the TV tax. 378 more words

Journalism And Media

Progressivism: Making America Better

It is amazing how well the Liberals
have formed a more perfect world.

Thanks to American Digest



Bicyclists are the potholes on the highways of daily travel.

You have to get somewhere and here’s four spandex swaddled fems peddling their asses all over town, four abreast and they’re determined to show you they have a right to the road- at 16 MPH. 117 more words