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The Bird

The bird cannot fly
Message silenced by clipped wing
One broken finger


This Supercut Of Flipping The Bird On Film Can Tell You Exactly Where To Shove It

This inspired supercut somehow manages to cram in a whopping 161 instances of film characters flipping the bird into just two and a half minutes. You can see… 69 more words



Your weed? I roll that.

Your heart? I hold that.

Your back? I got that.

Your girl? I am that.

Your role? I play that. 64 more words


Sassy Ass Cat Secret Pocket Shirt

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Need This

History of the Middle Finger Salute

Have you ever been so mad that you couldn’t simply communicate your frustration verbally. You might have saluted a person, the universe, the situation with the middle finger as a way of simply communicating your esteemed frustration. 321 more words

Personal Musings

Especially For You - Who has been taken advantage of

These golden opportunities are rare. To get a message months later from an ex that felt nothing to take advantage of your kind nature and underestimating your ability to learn from a previous mistake. 59 more words

To The Hackers Who Stole Data from the IRS website....


This one’s for you!

—- Leila Luna, Internal Revenue Service special agent
“Death and taxes; it’s all in a day’s work.”