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Political Speak

Some fools can’t tell the difference between their utterances and their connections to the past turkeys espousing the same nonsense.

Can you tell the difference twixt the above and this clown carrying on like his predecessors? 18 more words


Another kink in a Democrat city

What is it with the Politicos is these Liberal/Progressive strongholds? Do they feel as if they have the “droit du seigneur” over any resident of the fiefdom. 737 more words


How much more equality can we take?

There is a large chance that the voting public in other states will require palliative care if this Squaw tries a run for POTUS. Fauxahontas has a fervent belief that she has been given a gift from Manitou which includes absolution from any and all transgressions. 333 more words


The Millennials

A funny tale in photos for the Millennials who now can see their illegal immigrant Cow, trying to sneak under the fence, get caught by the Border Patrol Bull. 31 more words


Flying high

Leave it to a druggie to screw up everyone travel plans. This plane was in line on the taxiway when this clown decides to gain some more altitude before takeoff. 206 more words


Political Speak

For now the President is making nice with Ryan; that won’t last for Ryan put the skids to him with that ObamaCare Lite piece of crap he was peddling around DC. 365 more words