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The Financial Impact of Moving into Library Leadership

Do we work in libraries for love, money, or both?

The Billfold shared a financial interview with an academic librarian today. “Dave” drops some real talk about financial incentives for librarians to move into management: 391 more words

Leadership Traits

Three To Wear In Weigh (2016)

1. No boots.
2. No heavy coat.
3. Nothing.
Making the rounds-
To avoid extra weigh pounds.


Day in the Library Life: Access and Public Services

My mom has no idea what I do all day at work.

It’s not her fault. My job is unique to libraries. As the head of access and public services at an academic library, talking about my work gets quirked eyebrows and, “Access services – what’s that?” from  family members. 692 more words

Middle Management

Three To Weigh In On (2015)

1. Thought.
2. Idea.
3. That body weight.
Eating to restrain-
To avoid huge gain.



Baron: (n) a member of the lowest order of the British nobility.

In America we call it “middle management.”

It’s a big clump of human laborers who have been promoted to a salaried position with no real power to make executive decisions. 258 more words

B Words

187 - A high functioning Executive. What would it take?

Posted by Colin Weatherby                                                                                         1100 words

This is a question I was asked recently by a reader. Having read several posts critical of the behaviour of the Executive ( 1,097 more words


Cerita Tentang Pemimpin Papan Tengah

Ada tulisan menarik dari mas @adhityamulya di blog suamigila.com, sangat menarik dan tentu inspiratif sehingga menjadi rujukan tulisan kali ini.

Orang bilang jadi pemimpin di papan tengah itu serba tidak enak. 527 more words

99 Ideas For Happy Worker