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Should You Report an Honest Budget Mistake?

When preparing an annual budget, Mildred unintentionally over estimated costs by almost $50,000 on a line item in her department.  While upper management reduced allocations for some of Mildred’s requests, they did not question her error. 218 more words

Effective Leader

Middle managers – Africa’s unlikely heros?

Middle management is not a topic that typically grabs headlines. Yet effective middle managers hold the key to Africa’s prosperity. African organisations across sectors and of different sizes cite a talent gap at the middle manager level. 1,001 more words

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Psychological Ownership and the Entrepreneurial Behavior of Middle Managers

It has been widely postulated that individual entrepreneurial actions are the key to driving a firms innovative capacity and building a entrepreneurial mindset among employees. This particular study was motivated by need to better understand what drives individuals to behave entrepreneurially inside an organization.

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Plastic Thoughts

On Friday, May 24th at 12:40PM I underwent general anesthesia in order to have my nose manipulated and corrected as to prevent chronic nose bleeding and improve the aesthetic and symmetry of my face. 1,870 more words


4 Ways to Heal Your Library Team After a Micromanager

If your predecessor was a micromanager and you are more of a collaborative type of manager, you may have some clean-up to do to get your new team on track. 616 more words


How to Survive when Caught in the Middle

Ellen’s heart was pounding and her throat was dry.  As a new manager, Ellen had just ended her first staff meeting.  Employees had complained long and loud about budget cuts and the recent firing of their previous boss. 224 more words

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Dear current boss

There are a few things I’d like to get off my chest:

  1. Understand boundaries.

It is not appropriate to ask staff to divulge personal information about themselves by way of introduction. 388 more words