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Moving beyond middling management

I’ve just spent the last six months exploring and refining what it means to be a manager spanning the gap between the people on the frontline and the senior executives who set the vision: middle management.   754 more words


64 - Ambition, culture and performance. A tale of middle management in local government.

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I was recently involved in a discussion where the metaphor of the three stonemasons came up. The person telling the story described the response of the three stonemasons to the question ‘what are you doing?’ You may know it. 853 more words


Episode 104 - Mighty Morphin Middle Management

Geekspotting is back with less changes. James has returned from paternity leave and Rachel is once again in the Windy City….for good. So obviously with everything new in life the ‘Spotters critique the Power Rangers fashion choices. 15 more words


Introducing a coaching approach to line management

This week I presented a paper I co-wrote with Sally Bernham of Leicester Learning Institute, to my colleagues at the Library Management Team meeting. The focus of the paper was a proposal for a two day course on introducing a coaching approach to line management which Sally and I would lead. 294 more words

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What You Need To Know About Middle Management?

Middle managers deal with goal setting and department-level decision-making. They need summarized weekly or monthly information horizontally across functional lines in the organization. The five typical functional lines are: accounting, human resources, manufacturing/services, research & development, and marketing. 49 more words

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It is about your Majors, Captains and Lieutenants

My first business partner taught me something very valuable: The worth of captains and lieutenants in the military, which you can extend to the business environment. 848 more words

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Middle Management Get Railed

There was a time when running a car service / taxi cab company required, in addition to company cars and (hired) drivers,  a room full of dispatchers, bookkeepers, managers, secretaries and the like.  239 more words