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Baron: (n) a member of the lowest order of the British nobility.

In America we call it “middle management.”

It’s a big clump of human laborers who have been promoted to a salaried position with no real power to make executive decisions. 258 more words

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187 - A high functioning Executive. What would it take?

Posted by Colin Weatherby                                                                                         1100 words

This is a question I was asked recently by a reader. Having read several posts critical of the behaviour of the Executive ( 1,097 more words


Cerita Tentang Pemimpin Papan Tengah

Ada tulisan menarik dari mas @adhityamulya di blog suamigila.com, sangat menarik dan tentu inspiratif sehingga menjadi rujukan tulisan kali ini.

Orang bilang jadi pemimpin di papan tengah itu serba tidak enak. 527 more words

99 Ideas For Happy Worker

The Woes Of Crows: A Little Managerial Satire For You On A Friday

It was a brilliant Friday morning.

Dry grass blades gleamed despite their obvious imperfections and the hard-working field mice all froze as the crows fluttered in. 843 more words

172 - Fear transmission. What happens when managers’ contracts start to not be renewed?

Posted by Colin Weatherby                                                         630 words

I was talking to a colleague who has worked at a couple of councils where managers have not had their contracts renewed. 746 more words


The Epitome of Working in a Bureaucracy: A Cautionary Tale

A friend of mine who had worked as a Manager at Unemployment in Chicago told me this story many years ago, and it seemed the perfect expression of life in the lower echelons of a Bureaucracy. 136 more words