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Culture Building – The Middle Manager Perspective

Culture Building – The Middle Manager Perspective

Middle managers are often the work horses of any company. Because they have shared points of view with executive management and the non-exempt members of your team they are often, in their own words, “stuck in the middle.” 749 more words

Culture Building

The Middle Leader or the Sandwich Filling

The aim of this blog will be to look at the role of the middle manager in education, with its five-year mission to boldly go where no blog has gone before. 212 more words

Still Working on It

There are so many aspects of being a good leader, and I am still working on most of them myself. 104 more words


Take my advice... or don't.

No one takes my advice until it comes from someone else later.

It’s a perplexing thing I’ve observed time and again in my life. I don’t know what to make of it but it has happened consistently time and again, with many different people and many different subjects.   381 more words

Middle Management and Aggressive Mediocrity

First off, I need to apologize for talking too much about my overly dead professional career. But it is dead. I’m not expecting a resurrection anytime soon, unless there’s some talent agent that just so happens to read philosophy blogs. 1,011 more words

A Manager's Secret Weapon (Yet Rarely Used)

Most bosses don’t get it.

Middle management’s main job is to manage people, not tasks.

Tasks need to be completed, but it’s how you manage your people that makes all the difference. 358 more words

Leadership Development

I walk with giants

A blog 28 years in the making….RETAIL…LOVE IT or just keep doing the job…either way you’re probably okay.

This month marks the twenty-eighth year that I’ve worked for the same company.   1,482 more words

Middle Management