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4 Ways to Heal Your Library Team After a Micromanager

If your predecessor was a micromanager and you are more of a collaborative type of manager, you may have some clean-up to do to get your new team on track. 616 more words


How to Survive when Caught in the Middle

Ellen’s heart was pounding and her throat was dry.  As a new manager, Ellen had just ended her first staff meeting.  Employees had complained long and loud about budget cuts and the recent firing of their previous boss. 224 more words

New Leader

Dear current boss

There are a few things I’d like to get off my chest:

  1. Understand boundaries.

It is not appropriate to ask staff to divulge personal information about themselves by way of introduction. 388 more words

Gdansking in the Dark

It’s Sunday night and we have beef stew finishing on the stove. That statement should be an impressive one, given the difficulty of finding large quantities of passable beef in Poland. 315 more words



Layers aren’t always the villains they are made out to be    #JargonJungle

“I have done some case studies on delayering, but never have I come across it in my working life,” said Amit, who was into his third job, years after his MBA. 922 more words

Leadership & Strategy

We can Gdansk if we want to

If you’ve never felt like the stupidest person in the room, and you’re yearning for the experience, I strongly encourage you to move to an ethnically homogeneous country where English is not the primary language, and live there indefinitely. 894 more words


Lean OUT- What it Means to be a NON-Leader

“I knew that I could only be happy if I was in charge.”

At a recent Women in Business Retreat, I listened to amazing women share inspiring stories about how they overcame failure, started up new businesses with only $33 left in their bank account, brought sexual harassers to justice, and grew into CEOs of billion dollar corporations. 1,103 more words