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The Terrible Mistake

‘You’re making a terrible mistake,’ said the traveller.

‘You would say that, we’re hanging you,’ said the local. 481 more words

Concise Stories

Leaving the Library

This week I’m leaving my job at one library to move 1,200 miles away and join another library.

I’ve left jobs before, but I’ve never resigned as a manager.   487 more words

Organizational Health

Is working from home more productive?

Marissa Mayer made the news when she banned employees at Yahoo from working from home.

Was she right to do that? Recent call-centre research by Nicholas Bloom at Stanford University found that… 329 more words


Leaders determine culture: The troubling case of UK policing.

UK College of Policing published a report on police leadership culture.[1] The report found that the top officer culture is problematic as it encourages bullying, sexual harassment, and a sense of entitlement to legal and illegal perks. 2,246 more words


Sluggish Management

Middle management

A lifestyle, he became accustomed to

Squeezing on his too small suit

Slumping over his desk

Eyeing everyone that walked through his door… 102 more words


Responsibility ladder – to climb or not to climb

I’m deviating from thoughts explicit to higher education a bit in this blog post, however I’m going to use a couple higher education examples. Recently I received a call from a friend seeking some advice or at least someone to listen as she worked through the pros and cons of a professional opportunity to advance her career. 978 more words

Doane College

Career Advice: Simplifiers Go Far, Complexifiers Get Stuck

“If you can’t explain it to a six year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”  – Albert Einstein

There are two types of people in business:

578 more words