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Stuck in the middle

I’ve realised over the last couple of years that I never will and never want to make it to the top of a large multinational company. 219 more words


7 Ways to Create Radical Change in 2017

Can 2017 be your year of disruption?    Can you create radical change in your career or company in 2017?  Or should you just settle for incremental change? 771 more words

Disruptive Leadership

Engage Library Employees with the Birkman Method

My library is currently undertaking strategic planning. As part of the process, our consultants (Right Management) are also leading us though “employee engagement.” Employee engagement is the extent that employees are committed to their jobs and, in our case, the library as a whole. 707 more words

Professional Development

7. Sal Oberon Gets Right Royally Shafted in a Middle Management Kind of Way

Sal Oberon sat and surveyed the scene: the two drones were perched on the edges of their tight arses in front of him, practically falling off the precarious instruction manuals underneath them, and one intoned, ‘But really, Mr Obiwank, we have to follow The Rules.’ 469 more words


“What’s in it for me?”

Being a full-time Ph.D student, I also have a full time work that gives me unique opportunities for intellectual reflection and stimulation on how to become an enthralling leader. 417 more words

Mailroom Noir

Arriving early to work on Friday, I walked in on a conversation between Housekeeping staffer, Sad Eyes:

     and,  , a Mailroom lifer.

They were huddled over a printed Firm newsletter, circa 2008, a relic unearthed by Sad Eyes in a bottom drawer of the employee kitchen. 619 more words

Day Jobs


I’m one of the managers of a small drug/grocery store.  27+ years in the books.  I’m neck deep in middle management stuff every day.  Interviewing, hiring, scheduling, reports, checking cooler temps, building displays, planning for the next holiday, watching labor costs, counting money, talking to customers, ordering, selling stuff, talking with co-workers, unplugging the toilets in the women’s restroom, picking up litter in the parking lot and doing other desirable and fulfilling things.  1,713 more words

Customer Service