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Responsibility ladder – to climb or not to climb

I’m deviating from thoughts explicit to higher education a bit in this blog post, however I’m going to use a couple higher education examples. Recently I received a call from a friend seeking some advice or at least someone to listen as she worked through the pros and cons of a professional opportunity to advance her career. 978 more words

Doane College

Career Advice: Simplifiers Go Far, Complexifiers Get Stuck

“If you can’t explain it to a six year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”  – Albert Einstein

There are two types of people in business:

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Library Above and Beyond Award

My library instituted a new staff recognition program recently called “Above and Beyond.” It was meant as a way for staff to recognize and celebrate each other and the extraordinary contributions they all make. 195 more words

Organizational Health

How to Identify Your Library Leaders

You need more leaders at your library! The best way to squash the curse of competence is to foster more leadership in your team.

I wish every day for a new department manager to… 305 more words

Leadership Traits

Moving beyond middling management

I’ve just spent the last six months exploring and refining what it means to be a manager spanning the gap between the people on the frontline and the senior executives who set the vision: middle management.   754 more words


64 - Ambition, culture and performance. A tale of middle management in local government.

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I was recently involved in a discussion where the metaphor of the three stonemasons came up. The person telling the story described the response of the three stonemasons to the question ‘what are you doing?’ You may know it. 853 more words


Episode 104 - Mighty Morphin Middle Management

Geekspotting is back with less changes. James has returned from paternity leave and Rachel is once again in the Windy City….for good. So obviously with everything new in life the ‘Spotters critique the Power Rangers fashion choices. 15 more words