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Math teacher communities, where is yours?

“I know that the best professional development is simply time to connect and network with other math teachers. I don’t need a program. I don’t need a PLC. 314 more words

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Formative Assessment -- Why Don’t Teachers Use It More Often?

Slide courtesy of Great Schools Partnership

Before I moved out of the classroom to become a coach and RtI instructor, I had “data grades.” My students got used to the idea that these numbers in the grade book didn’t count toward their final grade for the trimester but were information for both of us — the student and me. 673 more words


The Other Part of the Writing Process -- The First Part

So many times teachers wonder why kids can’t write.  “We’ve taught them.”  “We’ve showed them.”  “They just aren’t doing it.”  “Why don’t they get it?”  As a teacher coach I frequently hear these comments not only from English teachers but from social studies, science, and even math educators. 412 more words


Maple Sugaring Club 2017

Written by club members: Jack, Alicia, and Chinara

In the Maple Sugaring Club the biggest part was collecting the sap from the trees. We had to know how to identify the Maple trees. 459 more words

Seventh Grade

Crazy Year For Maple Sugaring

It sure has been a crazy start to the maple sugaring year! The weather was up and down, but never up or down long enough to get the sap moving, so we put off tapping but the students were getting antsy. 379 more words

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Math is a language.

What’s so improper about fractions? Perscriptivism and language socialization at Math Corps – Stephen Chrisomalis

Stephen Chrisomalis’s study is about Math Corps, a math program in Detroit, that help low achieving math students. 823 more words

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Happy Accidents

When I was growing up in (rural-ish) central New York, we had one TV.  We received 5 local stations through the antenna on the roof (abc, nbc, occasionally cbs if the wind was blowing just right, then Fox came along, and a pbs station).   933 more words