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Exhausted yet Refreshed 

After these last two days with my students, I am feeling incredibly exhausted! However, in spite of my exhaustion, I am feeling completed fulfilled and refreshed. 232 more words


What is an ePortfolio Post About?

An ePortfolio is about documenting the learning process, showing growth and reflecting on learning. A consequence of that is the selection of showcase… 227 more words

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Playing around

I had a wonderful day today! Considering it is my last day of summer, I wanted to do my favorite things! Watched tv in bed, worked out, and swam in our pool! 20 more words

Adventurous Anxiety

Illegal Immigrants - So What's the Big Deal?

Illegal Immigration: This is a huge, controversial topic that I find is often overlooked.

As a part of my two-week Multicultural Practicuma class I took back in May that focused on diversity in education, one of the biggest topics that stumped me was the idea of immigration in the United States and whether or not it is a problem. 300 more words

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Getting close!

My classroom is almost finished and I am loving it!! Here are some more pictures!

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About Face

They pound into the backseat like an explosion, popping with energy, youth and hormones and the car heaves with the extra weight. I give a small smile in greeting but then concentrate on the road. 450 more words


Hello world! I am pleased to announce . . .

Free Thought Writing is up and running and ready to conduct some awesome writing workshops this summer! We’ll focus on writing sessions for middle school students as a way to get those creative juices flowing and to give each participant a voice through their own writing. 99 more words