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The Puzzle of Grammar No More

People are amazed that with 21 of  30 required credits toward my doctorate — yes, I stopped working toward the degree because the university was unrealistic with the real world — that I wasn’t able to comprehend until I was 16 years old.  544 more words


Exploring Computer Science, Design & Engineering in Middle School

This school year, Morgan Park Academy students enrolled in our Middle School technology course explored computer science through the Python programming language.

We also completed a unit on design and engineering. 333 more words

Middle School

A Real-Life Civics Lesson

Several Synergy middle school students delved into local politics this week, asking carefully crafted questions of San Francisco mayoral candidate Mark Leno.

Sixth graders Ruby Orr and Simone Edwards, 7th graders Atessa Anoshiravani and Kate Gross, and 8th grader Niko Crawford attended a youth summit at Leno campaign headquarters in the Castro on Tuesday (May 8). 318 more words

Synergy Community

Wait Time ... We Need to Use It More

How much time is spent in your classroom spent THINKING?

When we give students time to THINK, then they can process their ideas.  So often, teachers rush to move on.  544 more words


Making Time and Space for Celebration

“The power of celebration is this — you are grateful and happy. Celebration and gratitude are one and the same.” – Michael Feeley

As we near the end of the year, the calendar is quickly filling up with special events that serve as celebrations of learning. 751 more words

Standing Up Against Bullying on GLSEN’s Day of Silence

By Amelia Gomez ’22 and Hannah Sipich ’22

Last Friday, students around the world were silent in order to have their voices heard. This is GLSEN’s ( 339 more words

Upper School

A Powerful Question to Help Students Think Through the Puzzle

Getting students to the point where they talk about deeper topics than who did what or where can be a challenge.  For less than confident readers, they don’t trust that they do know how to put the puzzle of a text and their thoughts together. 344 more words