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Happy Accidents

When I was growing up in (rural-ish) central New York, we had one TV.  We received 5 local stations through the antenna on the roof (abc, nbc, occasionally cbs if the wind was blowing just right, then Fox came along, and a pbs station).   933 more words



I’m always looking for a different way to quickly access student knowledge on an individual basis as many of you are. There are many websites and Apps that do just that, but I haven’t been 100% happy with any of them. 574 more words

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Connecting with students

One big thing that has been on my mind this year is the relationship I have with my students. I pride myself in knowing my students well, beyond the mathematical skills they display and don’t display in my class. 860 more words

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What's with the posters?

It’s the second week of teaching for me and I’m feeling exhausted and confident. I know my students names and have lesson plans all ready to go. 499 more words

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Why aren't reading strategies taught more often?

As a young reader, I was totally confused.  If you are interested you can read about my reading issues in a past blog.  But more importantly and on topic for today, my comprehension only turned a corner once I slowly came to realize that if I could picture the story in my head, I understood the book or short story much better!  1,093 more words

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Stress x Stress = Survival mode : My Middle School Experiment, What I Learned, Part 4

The everyday stress of teaching students in the throes of beginning adolescence adds up over a while.


The everyday stress of living in poverty (which was about 90 percent of my students) adds up over a while. 643 more words


Not if I can disrespect you first! : My Middle School Experiment, What I Learned, Part 3

How often do you often run into disrespect?

And how do you feel when you do run into disrespect? How do you act?

Our principal at my middle school this last semester wisely emphasized… 1,596 more words