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Year Zero

Nobody prepares you for teaching. You can go through hours of classes, prep time, going through student teaching and mentoring and nothing–NOTHING–will prepare you for your first actual, … 373 more words

Middle School Can Be Tough!

Middle School can be tough! Check out the middle school series- The New Kid. The books follow Alex Baker in his journey through sixth grade, dealing with friendship and bullies, siblings and peer pressure. 40 more words

Home murals make a splash

Now, homeowners are embracing stylistic street art in their living rooms, bedrooms on garage walls and by the pool.

Brisbane artist Steen Jones says he has definitely seen a rise in private residential commissions, having painted more home murals in the past 12 months than he had in the previous three years. 309 more words


Courtly life out of India

One of the strengths of India has always been its cultural and spiritual pluralism, its proliferation of religions and philosophies living side by side in mutual tolerance. 1,737 more words


Head with a tale

By the second century BC, the possibilities offered by coinage for self-advertisement were apparent. Coins were minted in great numbers and passed around in circulation, so it became a particularly effective form of political propaganda. 528 more words


The escape artist

So it’s as much a surprise to her as it is to me when the boyish artist emerges from the basement stairwell, bang on time. “I’ve been awake since 3am,” he says, acutely aware of his reputation and almost needing to explain why he isn’t late. 3,293 more words


Struggle beyond self

But drawing skills have always been an ambiguous achievement because even a great draftsman such as Degas warned his contemporaries against sentimental connoisseurship, at least in its infatuated, traditional guise, because drawing for Degas was a continuous process of experimentation that did not exclude a kind of bad faith (tracing, mono-printing, “frottage” and such as pre-surrealist techniques of the automatic). 1,938 more words