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Ash Tree Learning Center Academy Report Card Template

As mentioned in our previous posts about the Report Cards initiative, today we’re sharing one of the custom-built private templates. If you like the way it looks, feel free to let chat in anytime and we’ll enable the template in your account, and help set it up just the way you like! 252 more words

Custom Report Cards

Summer: Why Teachers Teach, Right?

Yes, it is that time of year that every teacher has been waiting for, right? The countdown to our summer days has begun! If you are like me, you will have at least two months (well, sort of) off from work. 728 more words


Connecting to History through the National Park System, cont.

Previously, we discussed ways to use the National Park Service’s system of national historical landmarks as a teaching tool. Another way to connect to the nation’s shared heritage through the NPS is by making use of its… 359 more words


An Amazing Year for ASIJ Aquatics

2014-15 proved to be an amazing year at the ASIJ pool. This year we started a couple new swim programs to meet the demands of our swim community. 346 more words

High School

Why I Read: Part I

I have enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember; books were always there with me in pivotal points of my life.

When I was in seventh grade, I started at a new school. 551 more words


When Johnny Doesn't Come Marching Home

Southern graduations are big events, more festive than funerals and with fewer drunks than weddings. My eighth-grader and several of her friends reached a significant milestone this week; high heels. 1,326 more words

Why You Crying?