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Ancient History - 4th/5th grade

Secular homeschooling sites have a lot of questions about how to use the Story of the World series by Susan Wise Bauer. This is not a secular series – it has a distinct Judeo-Christian bias, particularly in the first two volumes, … 2,110 more words


Everyday Reading and Writing

Encourage your student to think critically about what they read and to write critically about what they know!

Foster a love for learning. Talk to your student about what they did in school today!

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Weblogs And Wikis

A Mocha Discovers The Existence of Gnomes.

Recently, I took my classes to the library to hear a presentation from our librarian about books relating to Black History Month.

Immediately, I noticed that she was stumbling over her words, stammering, pausing and restarting, and overall, looked super nervous. 893 more words



Secretly, I had a powerful voice. I furtively longed to express myself. But I barely talked in class, because I never knew the right answers. I always stumbled in my efforts to wing presentations. 561 more words



when I was younger I had two alter egos: Amy and Alyssa. I think I created them, initially, because I spent a lot of time alone … so instead of making real friends, like normal children, I made friends with parts of myself. 1,168 more words

Seventh Grade Field Trip to Hawaii

Three weeks ago, the 7th grade ventured to Hawaii, after studying for a good month on the organisms that live there, the Polynesian culture, and the Westerners influence; including both the war and farming. 405 more words

Middle School

History (and Fiction) in Context

Reading has been shown, over and over, to help readers of all ages develop empathy. Here are a couple of things we’ve been reading lately that may help students face the current situation. 253 more words

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