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Middle-class Americans made more money last year than ever before

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caption We’ll toast to that. source Mike Segar/Reuters

America’s middle class is booming.

Between 2015 and 2016, US median household income rose 3.2% from $57,230 to $59,039, … 323 more words

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The middle of everywhere

If the railroad didn’t make it to your town, or if the highway didn’t have an exit, or if you were somehow off the beaten path, we wrote you off. 31 more words


How much income you have to earn to be considered middle class in every US state

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The American middle class just got a little richer.

On Thursday, the US Census Bureau released its 2016 American Community Survey, an annual survey that measures various economic, social, and housing data among US residents. 202 more words

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There's a huge difference between being rich at 25 and 35 — and it puts income inequality in stark relief

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If you want to be in the top 1% of income earners by the time you’re 25, you’d better find a job that pays at least $116,000. 377 more words

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In blue they live

Deep blue or slight turquoise

Life in a beautifully destined style

Still within a scope of options

Sky blue with white shadows

The illusion of limitless… 27 more words


India And Japan Cannot Stop China

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India and Japan have been on a new mission lately: to tame China’s ambitions to take control of the trade routes in the Indian Ocean, encircling India in the process. 405 more words

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U.S. Military: American Fighting for ISIS [Captured]

“The U.S. military confirmed a Daily Beast report Thursday that an American fighting in Syria for the so-called Islamic State has been taken into custody. 28 more words