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☀️ Happy Summer, CHMS! (2018)

Happy summer, Crown Heights Middle! Stick these upcoming dates on your fridge and make sure to preview the latest and greatest 2018-19 school calendar before its finalized release… 373 more words


The Slimy Chapter

Chapter Eight is being slimy.

I can’t get a good hold on it.

Why this piece of my Cozy’s middle is being obtuse I have no idea. 41 more words


The Between Time

As far away from the beginning as from the end, the middle of a Cozy Mystery is gut check time for its author.

The eye-popping, attention-grabbing opening has faded into a pleasant buzz, while the fat lady singing the ending is still warming her pipes well offstage. 52 more words


Orienteering & Team Games! - ASW Day 4

On Friday (and following Monday for senior classes) in school, the children all took part in team orienteering activities designed by Mr. Prout. This involved working as a team and travelling around the whole school grounds to find different clues. 78 more words


Pope Francis Competition Winner!

There was huge excitement in our morning assembly last Friday when Mrs. O’Halloran told us that the winner of the Pope Francis Competition was Carrig N.S. 112 more words


Sponsored Walk 2018

Carrig N.S. Annual Sponsored Walk took place on Sunday morning last and the recent good weather meant that we could leave our raincoats at home!   12 more words




By Neel Anil Panicker
You lose one to gain one. That had been the story of his life,  the four score years that he managed to walk this planet ever since popping out of his mother’s womb after an eighteen hour struggle on the operation table that ultimately led to his release into into the earth and his mother’s release out if it. 73 more words