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Artist of the moment........Jane Maxwell

Jane Maxwell is a contemporary visual artist ofren working with collage. Jane Maxwell was born in the year 1964. Maxwell often works with the figure as it might appear in a contemporary fashion magazine. 187 more words

Ex-College Democrat President: 4 Reasons the College Left is Eating its Own

There are many startling things about the campus outrage movement, including the escalation of violence and the decline of rational discourse. But perhaps one of the most startling and unexpected things is the fact that opposition to the movement is increasingly bipartisan. 623 more words


Why There’s a Rising Tide of Left-Wing Violence on Campus

That goose-stepping you heard last week was the latest in an increasingly frequent series of violent protests by left-wing students directed at shutting down conservative voices on campus—protests many of which are encouraged by professors and college administrators. 528 more words


Where Credit Is Due: Middlebury Alumni Stand Up for Free Speech

One of my go-to websites is RealClearPolitics; every day its compilation of editorials, op-eds and longer polemics contains a raft of worthy articles. If you’re not checking it out, you should be. 924 more words

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WaPo’s Laziest Columnist Calls Protesters ‘Fascists,’ Equates Them to Manchester Bomber

 It’s unclear whether, by Cohen’s reasoning, the war in Vietnam that killed millions of Indochinese was also fascist. Or if it was fascism when the Ohio National Guard killed four students at Kent State in 1970…    955 more words


The campaign against hate speech

Scott Shackford’s article about Portland mayor Ted Wheeler deftly defines the difference between hate speech and incitement to violence. After two people died in a knife attack on a Portland train, Wheeler wants to deny two alt-right groups permits to assemble for rallies. 516 more words

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Case Closed: Middlebury Puts the Past Behind

Miss emerging from her safe space.

Miss has emerged from her safe space, at least temporarily, to remark upon the denouement of the free-speech melodrama played out earlier this spring on the campus of Middlebury College in snow-flakey Vermont. 889 more words

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