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Please stop considering celebrities the face of feminism

Okay so in light of Beyoncé’s new Lemonade I would like to say this: it is important for us as a society to understand that we need to raise our children with the mindfulness to be able to acknowledge what is actually important and what is fluff. 310 more words

Sexism on the Internet

I actually dealt with an incident that I’d like to share. I was added by a friend into this seemingly unthreatening public group called Useless talk (which has since gone private) where people were posting seemingly unthreatening memes, which were actually quite misogynist. 393 more words


The Ignorant Indian

India is mostly populated by middle class people. People who spend 80% of their lives working to get their daily bread. The people who like things to be in the simplest form, a fine car, a fine apartment, a fine life altogether.Well for me, I quote this class of people the most ignorant. 372 more words


The Couples

The night has set in, Vinod Tiwari is still working in his office. He works for state government electricity board. Nobody stays beyond 6pm in the office but Vinod has made a habit of late, leaving everyday after 9pm. 973 more words


The Insured Uninsured

The ACAPPA (The Affordable Care And Patient Protection Act) helped insure millions of poor Americans and because of how it was written, created a whole new class of people without access to affordable healthcare – the insured uninsured. 502 more words


Why I'm Starting A Political Blog

For some years, I’ve felt that a majority of us, the American people, are being left behind in a political process which increasingly supports only the most radical political elements from both parties. 174 more words