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White, So the New Black: The Growing Trend of Delhi's 'White Girl Jobs'

“I have a degree you know” I tell the deadpan semi-circle of Punjabi men, slowly forming around me. Like they cared, “And I’m getting paid R10,000 to do this”. 1,026 more words


'The lust for comfort murders the passions of the soul'. #KahlilGibran

I think its a failure on the part of our education system; that even though we have a young & educated workforce in India, we’ve raised a country of settlers, and comfort-seekers. 549 more words

"If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan"

The March 31st deadline has finally come and gone. The Obama administration’s hallmark legislation, one that is supposed to democratize access to healthcare for all, has been made official. 855 more words

You're Not Middle Class Millennials. You're Just Poor.

It’s time that we’re honest about this. You’re not middle class, Millennial America or middle class Millennials; you’re just poor. Like vanilla is plain and the sky is blue, you’re just poor.  1,110 more words


Internet Smooth Talkers

Someone asked me what my fantasy was on Facebook earlier.

I said ‘A Georgian farmhouse with tasteful modern furniture, and I can afford to use Farrow & Ball paint throughout, and maybe even recommission some of the original wallpapers,’ 6 more words