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The New Corporate Business Model: Oscar Mayor v. Kraft Foods

Oscar Mayor was a German immigrant who, at age of 14, began working in a butcher shop in Detroit. He later move to Chicago and opened a meat company with his two brothers—Oscar oversaw operations, Max did the bookkeeping, and Gottfried managed production. 912 more words

Income Inequality

On the End of Cheap China

At the Venetian Macao earlier this week

One of the best guides to the huge economic transformation that has taken place in China in recent decades is Shaun Rein’s… 252 more words


My Comments on: Parking charges could boost Nigeria’s income by $10bn

VENTURES AFRICA – Currently, the Nigerian government is running low on revenue due to the steep decline in oil prices to less than 50 dollars a barrel. 624 more words


My Own 'Golden Hello'

After being jettisoned from my 15-year private school education into the ‘unaayyy’ life, I was confronted with a concept I had never been faced with, humility. 104 more words


US Economy Boom or Bust?

Waxing and waning lower than ever crude oil prices, conflict in the Ukraine with Russia, a Greek exit from the EU possibility, a strong US dollar with talks of a Fed interest rate hike, international currency wars, and the threat of ISIS now aiming its internet propaganda ads towards Rome. 722 more words

Social Science , Behavior And Psyhcology

Social Class

A man in a suit finds a one hundred dollar bill in his pocket, smiles but finds a penny and throws it on the street, 42 more words

The real cost of corporate tax dodgers

This is how the wealth of America is taken from us by the elite. They do understand that they are killing the middle class and they don’t care. 18 more words

Justice For All