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US Economy Boom or Bust?

Waxing and waning lower than ever crude oil prices, conflict in the Ukraine with Russia, a Greek exit from the EU possibility, a strong US dollar with talks of a Fed interest rate hike, international currency wars, and the threat of ISIS now aiming its internet propaganda ads towards Rome. 722 more words

Social Science , Behavior And Psyhcology

Social Class

A man in a suit finds a one hundred dollar bill in his pocket, smiles but finds a penny and throws it on the street, 42 more words

The real cost of corporate tax dodgers

This is how the wealth of America is taken from us by the elite. They do understand that they are killing the middle class and they don’t care. 18 more words

Justice For All

The Fish Never Knows Its Wet.

I was recently sitting in my communication class and my teacher was insisting on the middle class and their strange behaviour. As i  sat down to ponder later, I actually realised he was preaching the middle class gospel. 598 more words

The Myth of a Stagnant Middle Class

For a long time, people argue that the middle class is not increasing its income and that they have the same standard of living as a couple of decades ago. 466 more words


Mitt Wrongney?

HOT off the PRESS! Mitt Romney’s response to Obama’s January 20th State of the Union address:

” True to form, the President in his State of the Union speech is more interested in politics than in leadership. 741 more words

Why don't you stop writing open letters and have a coffee with a struggling creative?

What is this new obsession with open letters? You know what would really help struggling creatives? People like Bryant and Blunt docking their pens and actually speaking with us. 667 more words