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Ramen, Pop-Tarts, and Goobers

I have never experienced a near death or harming mental experience. The closest I’ve ever come to death or being harmed is when I stubbed my toe on the way to the refrigerator to get a bottled water or on the way to get food that I finally got up for because I am too lazy to walk 20 feet to feed myself. 299 more words


There have been many a disease taking toll on human lives throughout the history but the worst malignancy prevalent in 21st century society is, belonging to the middle class. 1,413 more words


How is it to be born in a middle class family?

Disclaimer: This post does not target all the middle class family but most of it. No intention to hurt anyone’s feeling. 

I am an Indian. It takes a lot to be born in a middle class family in India. 624 more words

Please stop considering celebrities the face of feminism

Okay so in light of Beyoncé’s new Lemonade I would like to say this: it is important for us as a society to understand that we need to raise our children with the mindfulness to be able to acknowledge what is actually important and what is fluff. 310 more words

Sexism on the Internet

I actually dealt with an incident that I’d like to share. I was added by a friend into this seemingly unthreatening public group called Useless talk (which has since gone private) where people were posting seemingly unthreatening memes, which were actually quite misogynist. 393 more words