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Family Dynamics

This past week has been truly eye-opening. Growing up, I felt like I wasn’t as valued as my younger sister. I felt like I was viewed as being a loser. 1,559 more words


I'm sick of people at university not acknowledging their privilege.

At a Russell Group University, it’s kind of what I expected to be honest. It seems to me, that most people who have been brought up in a white, middle-class family will not acknowledge how lucky they are to be at university. 826 more words

Kenya's Debt-ridden Middle-class

By Clement Amolo

There is a class called middle-class in Kenya. It is a trapped class. It is made up of a people who desperately try to pull themselves out of poverty and get to the other side.. 921 more words


Union budget 2018- ‘A ROBIN HOOD BUDGET’

On 1st February 2018, Mr. Arun Jaitley released the last budget of NDA government. This budget carries much importance because it will define the result for the 2019 polls. 359 more words