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FROM US… but also why is it 4:47? its not!

dear writers and salaries

there’s nothing that you need to know, throw away your worries of never being good enough & hey why not also take that from someone you don’t know! 379 more words

The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding

(Source: www.wired.com)

When I ask people to picture a coder, they usually imagine someone like Mark Zuckerberg: a hoodied college dropout who builds an app in a feverish 72-hour programming jag—with the goal of getting insanely rich and, as they say, “changing the world.” 611 more words


A Letter to Steve Harvey

Yesterday, I listened to your show as you tried to explain your reasoning for meeting with Donald Trump. You explained how the meeting was to enlighten him in hopes of possibly getting through to him on the black community. 674 more words

Emotional Thoughts


After reading a passage by Lucinda Rosenfeld, “Notes on the Upper Middle”, I thought of Gatsby being ashamed of his past and where he came from, just like some people today are ashamed of being on welfare or receiving assistance someway. 209 more words


"The Upper Muddle"

A few days ago in class we read an article by Lucinda Rosenfeld, the article was about where Rosenfeld’s place on the socioeconomic scale was and where it is currently. 314 more words


The Revised American Dream

Since the economic collapse of 2008, many people have struggled to recover. The Great Recession obliterated the job market for baby boomers and millennials. Even more alarming, … 1,115 more words