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Aspiration, A “Merrill Lynch With A Conscience,” Gains Traction

As consumers, we can probably agree that bank profits are, well, gross. In the second quarter of this year alone, U.S. lenders wrung a record $43.. 10 more words


The Middle Class Dilemma

The beginning of 6th grade is marked with all Indian kids leaving behind their beloved Natraj pencil and moving on to the finer things in life which makes most 11 year olds feel big and old; a pen. 598 more words

Poverty, Politics and Power: Jamaica in 2015

Let me begin by acknowledging that in the grand scheme of things, as an individual I am relatively well off. I’ve never gone a day without access to food/a meal, and I currently have somewhere to live, but I feel as though perhaps my own (lower middle class) family is living too close to the edge. 1,075 more words


Youff Of Oxford

i is liack
d rapper
in d cloves,
slouchin offa me,
all shadey, liack,
i is under ground
in me finkin

coz, i got dat… 71 more words


CEO Golden Parachute

Income inequality has been a heated debate over the last 50 years between front-line employees and corporate management. In class we watched a video called Inequality for All, where they discuss the ever widening gap of income inequalities which has drove an economic wedge between the social classes. 251 more words

ObamaCare The Final Nail In The Coffin For The Middle Class

November 18, 2013 Obamanomics

If there were any shreds of hope left that the stunning decline of the middle class could be turned around, Obamacare has absolutely destroyed them. 2,728 more words

Why comfort-loving city slickers are hopping on their bikes and heading to Center Parcs...

Center Parcs is the perfect place for middle-class urbanites to go off road and embrace the great outdoors from the comfort of their state of the art, WiFi enabled log cabins. 722 more words