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Parking Space

I’m the type of guy
Who sits in the middle
Of an empty bench
To detour other asses
I need space!


Review: Middleman - Counterstep

Originally published by Fortitude Magazine. http://www.fortitudemagazine.co.uk.

Leeds-based quartet Middleman are a bit dangerous. Having every track on your new album licensed out to adverts is rare, especially an album that’s an amalgam of electrock, rapcore, dubstep and anthemia. 441 more words


Limitless Season 1 Episode 14

Limitless Season 1 Episode 14

Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture

FBi try to get new person to help them working with Brian, he is quite selective. But after that he found one, Spike. 219 more words


Vegans are Not Perfect

This is a common argument people use against veganism. People claim that no one is perfect and therefore vegans cannot be telling others not to eat meat because they too are not perfect. 384 more words


Jesus is the Greater Mediator

When God gives a gift, He gives his best. No one can out do or out give God. He tops the cake. He gives the greatest gift. 735 more words


My life as a Middle man

Strangely, I have always found myself in positions where I mediate between two parties. Let me just say that it is not always an exciting experience. 441 more words

Postcards from the car dealer - how the middleman makes money in the internet age

I’m selling my car. We have been debating for some time whether we still needed our seven-seater. That’s the back story but what I really wanted to share about was the selling process. 1,146 more words

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