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My life as a Middle man

Strangely, I have always found myself in positions where I mediate between two parties. Let me just say that it is not always an exciting experience. 441 more words

Postcards from the car dealer - how the middleman makes money in the internet age

I’m selling my car. We have been debating for some time whether we still needed our seven-seater. That’s the back story but what I really wanted to share about was the selling process. 1,145 more words

Fun Facts

09-13-2017 The Ultimate Middleman!

We (Trump supporters) should all be breathing a huge sigh of relief today. Trump’s favorables are up to 49% and he’s on the verge of breaking out from all of the negative BS the left and the media has been heaping on him. 352 more words

Just Saying Again

Great Disaster Looms as Technology Disrupts White Collar Workers

– Every era, every century, every generation has its massive technological disruption
– Taxi drivers being “disrupted” by technology of Uber
– History shows how “middle men” frequently made redundant…

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Amazon Juggernaut Sets Its Sights On Its Next Victim: The Middleman

  • The growth of Amazon has the potential to disrupt “middlemen,” particularly in the industrial space.
  • Amazon Business now has 300,000 registered corporate buyers and recently surpassed $1 billion in sales.
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Authors: Rubinstein, Ariel
Wolinsky, Asher

What is a ‘Middleman’

A middleman is a slang term for an intermediary in a transaction or process chain. A middleman will facilitate interaction between parties, typically for a commission or fee. 96 more words