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Famine, the Gerrard evictions and the Stafford Irish

Many of the Irish who came to Stafford during the Famine years and the 1850s had been evicted from their land in Ireland, particularly in the Castlerea district of Roscommon, Mayo and east Galway. 1,553 more words


Middleman teams up with Mehi for "Izhaar"

British Asian artist Middleman is no stranger to the game, his experience spans over a decade and a half within radio and media. After completing remix and production work for Bollywood, the Mainstream and the BritAsian music scene Middleman is back with a new single. 164 more words

What's Happenin'

Eliminate The Middle Man - NASDAQ Uses Core System of Bitcoins

NASDAQ finds that cutting the middleman would be the ideal way to secure transaction, make the system more efficient and save money in the process by eliminating the middleman. 33 more words


The Good of BST

There is a lot of good stuff about the world of BST. For one, the garage sale, the consignment store and eBay may soon become things of the past. 363 more words


The Middleman

On the fence. Between a rock and a hard place. Neither here nor there.

Three metaphors, one theme: being in the middle.

It can be a rough place, the middle. 215 more words

Mushrooming middlemen

In every step, there is a middleman in India. Try to meet a top government official, the peon or clerk puts up a ‘toll gate’. Without paying the ‘tax’ to him, you cannot get the access. 355 more words


The Demise of the Agenting World

On Saturday, the Geneva’s Writers Group hosted the annual Meet & Greet the agents. As usual, this created much anticipation for writers who feel like agents and publishers are the missing links to their publication dreams. 565 more words