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The Monotonous Middle

I have a confession to make, so get out your clerical collars and prepare to stick me with a few Hail Marys. I’ll wait while you put on your regalia. 892 more words

Acts Of Bravery

The more modern north

I’ll meet you where the pavement changes

or a couple of laters on,

when we’re done up with this bit.

Welcome to where the scuffed up bits… 188 more words


Just Keep Writing

We all experience the high that comes from beginning something…and the drop when you have to finish it. If I had a penny for all the starts in my drafts folder, I’d probably have, like, a dollar. 251 more words


Since I wrote about beginnings and endings, I should say a few words about the middle of a story, or “what else could go wrong?” A good beginning and a good ending are all well and good, but you also need something with substance in between. 408 more words

Writing Techniques

Formula fiction? Me? Never!

Okay, not never. In fact, always. Why? ‘Cause it works.

There are certain things fiction readers crave, but the item sitting at the top of the list is simply this: a rousing good tale. 774 more words


Anxiety in the time of seeking

I didn’t used to be this person. This person who has this anxiety everytime someone I love even the littlest bit draws away from me. Rationally, they have valid logical and emotional reasons. 184 more words