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Two Daughters

(A brief and true account of my experiences after my second daughter was born).

It all started the day my second daughter was born. It was a lovely day in March, clear, crisp and cool. 648 more words


The Fate of a Book

When I am caught at mundane past-times such as reading, I find it tough to come up with good lines to stave off unwelcome visitors. 486 more words


Finding Flux Revisited

As mentioned in the previous article keeping the plot moving doesn’t mean we have to race at breakneck speed towards the end. A story needs ebbs and flows, too much action and drama can frustrate a reader/audience as much as too little.

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Catching Character Revisited

Although people talk a lot about plot and moving the story forward we mustn’t forget that we still need to build character. We need to show the reader who our characters are and what motivates them.

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Meeting in the Middle Revisited

Can we introduce pivotal characters part way through the book? Yes. Pivotal characters can be introduced almost anywhere in the book with the exception of the end.

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Pushing Plot Revisited

The middle is where most of the plot happens and whether we’re writing a plot-led or a character-led story there is always a plot. This doesn’t have to be a complicated plot or have lots of subplots.

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Meeting the Middle Revisited

The problem with the idea of the beginning, the middle and the end is that it can create an idea that a novel can be easily cut up into sections.

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