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Five Years Later

I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m working in that halls of residence that I lived in five years ago and walking past my old block I was hit with the sense of what I was like at 19. 343 more words


Drawing in the Sand (OR 13 Lessons from Writing Haikus)

Today, we discuss haikus.

Just five syllables,

Then, followed by seven more

And another five.
That is the bare bone structure and an attempt at poetic humor. 666 more words


What is necessary for writing? p.II

The Middle Bit

Okay, for a little bit more…

Q: What is necessary for writing?

A: This much…

-me 2016

So what is absolutely necessary for writing?

645 more words

Familial Affections - DH middle

I continue to smile at her, secretly yearning for that cup of coffee and benne dosa at the good old darshini a few blocks away. Ah, the things we do for familial affection.  10 more words


Elements of Fiction: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends by Nancy Kress Book Review

Review by: dancingonrain

This book is written in three sections.  Beginnings, middles, and ends.  It is written in a way to help the aspiring writer who may be struggling with one of the above or all of the above.   354 more words


Where do w all start when we traverse a new plane; when we start exploring?  Always in the middle.  We  open our eyes, and immediately we are in the middle.  207 more words