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How I came to write a novel – serving an apprenticeship

How I came to write a novel was like climbing a mountain, with hazards and joys along the way, and the journey began with…

A  Short Story… 1,377 more words

“She maintained an earthy heft, though she accepted and thusly owned it.”

A couple days after the funeral, Lurleen said to my father, “Dan, I think it’s time I get in shape.”

“No, hon’. No, no,” he insisted. 268 more words


“I had been seeing Dr. Friday twice a week for several months and neither of us had brought up the eagle.”

Years later, due to unrelated events and the incessant coaxing of my mother and a now ex-girlfriend, I began attending therapy sessions with Dr. Gene Friday. 492 more words


“They are howling. The fire sucks up flesh and hair.”

by Nathan Klose

The Filipinos circle up. A flash of red, the arcs of hot red splashing like a lit dress around the Filipinos, half a grapefruit – it’s that, and then everyone is a flash of red. 84 more words


“He remembered that hair and his hand moved around it, not touching it, as if it were a candle, as if he were feeling its little heat.”

Meanwhile, three men trespassed into your home. They didn’t touch a thing. One of them still had a key from several months prior that he couldn’t bring himself to return (though he never intended to use it). 151 more words


“David turned to leave and, in so doing, smacked sensitive Michelangelo right on the mushy, pallid ass.”

Michelangelo spent four days getting the hipbone just right. Not the hipbone exactly, but the narrow strip between the upper thigh and stomach. The rivulet of sinew stretched flush across bone, which people admire in Hollywood actors and pity in the malnourished. 397 more words


“In general, she couldn’t provide a stable growing environment for the up-and-coming Ruler of the Universe.”

Moxy tried to explain to Mister that Rudy, her husband, was outrageously virile, that she smoked, that they were planning on getting pregnant just as soon as the economy settled down, that she was loopy as hell, that this seemed like a really Catholic sort of thing and she was brought up Catholic but switched over to Presbyterianism in the early ‘90s because it seemed less tacky, and that, in general, she couldn’t provide a stable growing environment for the up-and-coming Ruler of the Universe. 21 more words