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Minding Your Manners - DH Middle

I had returned to India after having lived in the US for many years. My 80-year-old uncle was seated next to me at the dinner table during a get-together. 28 more words


My, my Alice time does fly

Do you ever feel like Alice falling down the hole? As if you’ve taken one step, expecting to land in one spot only to find your self in a completely foreign place? 267 more words


Stuck in the Middle

I’ve never been comfortable with middles. I much prefer beginnings. Beginning a new project always holds more appeal for me than working on one already begun. 340 more words


Two Daughters

(A brief and true account of my experiences after my second daughter was born).

It all started the day my second daughter was born. It was a lovely day in March, clear, crisp and cool. 648 more words


The Fate of a Book

When I am caught at mundane past-times such as reading, I find it tough to come up with good lines to stave off unwelcome visitors. 486 more words


Finding Flux Revisited

As mentioned in the previous article keeping the plot moving doesn’t mean we have to race at breakneck speed towards the end. A story needs ebbs and flows, too much action and drama can frustrate a reader/audience as much as too little.

24 more words

Catching Character Revisited

Although people talk a lot about plot and moving the story forward we mustn’t forget that we still need to build character. We need to show the reader who our characters are and what motivates them.

30 more words