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Where do w all start when we traverse a new plane; when we start exploring?  Always in the middle.  We  open our eyes, and immediately we are in the middle.  207 more words



In a lot of ways, I think middles can be some of the hardest places to find yourself in. That’s not necessarily because they’re the most stressful or the most arduous places to be in, but perhaps more because of the perspective you’re afforded from the vantage point of middles. 727 more words


Ad Astra 2016, day 2: Common mistakes from an editor’s perspective

Disclaimer: I am not perfect and neither are my notes. If you notice anything that needs correction or clarification, please email me at melanie (dot) marttila (at) gmail (dot) com… 521 more words

Authorial Name Dropping


This is the end. Not the beginning.

I know you think this is the beginning, because it’s the top of the page, and that’s a reasonable thing to think, that the beginning would come first and the end would come last, but that’s where you’re wrong. 296 more words

Oh, those damned middles!

You know how it starts, and you know how it ends. Now what?

For many, including most of my writing students, the gaping black hole which sits between the beginning and the end of a story can be daunting. 1,263 more words



Everyone devours an excellent beginning, we look forward to the happy ending; perhaps we are looking for the heartbreak even, but isn’t it the middle that’s the real meat and potatoes? 274 more words



In my earlier drafts, I thought I could just skip the middle. Who needs a middle? Isn’t that the boring part that no one reads, anyway? 66 more words

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