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Collective Exchange

I am currently working as one of three Designers in Residence at Middlesex University. Collective Exchange is engaging on a project located at one of two Grade II listed buildings which are owned by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation (THF). 126 more words

810 High Road

MDA3400 - 5/4/16

Today I had my meeting with Amnah regarding our music video.

Amnah has told me that our new DOP Natalie is really keen on our project. 131 more words

MDA 3400

MDA 3400: Production Meeting - 4/4/16

Today myself and Amnah had a production meeting, discussing our progress so far.

After I had sent the treatment as well as the shot list to Amnah she was really pleased with the new story. 357 more words

MDA 3400

MDA 3400 - Director H/W - 3/4/16

Hello all I hope you are having a fantastic Easter!!

Today on Saturday 2/3/16 we will be having our auditioning for the roles for our music video. 933 more words

MDA 3400

MDA 3400 -30/3/16

Hello everyone

Today I was working at my internship today so I couldn’t do much production work. However once I finished I scouted around the university and found a decent room which looked like an office. 204 more words

MDA 3400

MDA 3400 - 29/3/16

Today I was able to complete a character profile for my music video. I have sent the document to Amnah so she can update the casting information on casting call pro.com.

MDA 3400

MDA 3400 - Production Meeting - 28/3/16

Today myself and Amnah will be having a meeting regarding our music video project.

We discussed our production process and the treatment I sent to her. 138 more words

MDA 3400