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The human dilemma in Mideo's "Cyborg Republic"

Text by Kimmy Baraoidan

“Art should be unconventional and people,” said visual artist Mideo Cruz in one of his social media accounts earlier this month. His art—mostly made from found materials, from toys, to knickknacks from thrift stores, to other everyday things—is unorthodox and agitates the minds, stirs the emotions, and grates on the sensibilities of those with conservative leanings. 1,471 more words


What is Art Then?

Note from the Author: Somehow, many of my past blog entries did not make it to publication and remained in my Draft Box for more than four years. 904 more words

Vince Vicentuan

In Solidarity with #Charlie Hebdo

Excerpts from our Mideo Cruz blasphemy case pleadings:

Art calls for a democratic solidarity even in the face of an intense confrontation of values and perspectives because ultimately, if art is to exist in a society that promotes democratic principles, it must sometimes be allowed to express even those thoughts and ideas that may not sit well with what the majority believes to be within the limits of acceptability.

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Free Expression

Reflections on Former West Propositions

Former west brown bag from Portia Placino

The Former West Congress: Documents, Constellations, and Prospects was participated in by around 150 students form all over the world. 2,490 more words



 “Overmuch” by Mideo Cruz. 2011. NOW Gallery.

Demand difference. Work on a question. The dizzying versus the clear. The bright and scary, instead of dark or happy. 129 more words


A Call for Freedom

29-May-12, 1:14 PM | Text and photos by Aliana Gimena, InterAksyon.com

On Sunday, Ericson Acosta — cultural worker, poet, songwriter, thespian and activist — turned 40. 134 more words


Artists serve ‘lugaw’ to raise funds for artist-political detainee Ericson Acosta

Artists serve ‘lugaw’ to raise funds for artist-political detainee Ericson Acosta

Richard Gappi | Rizal News Online

May 27, 2012

Fellow artists, cultural workers, human rights advocates and friends of political detainee Ericson Acosta served ‘lugaw’ (rice broth) this afternoon, May 27, to raise funds for his legal defense. 175 more words