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Thời gian chính là kẻ thù của sắc đẹp. Sau 30 tuổi, nhiều vùng da trên khắp cơ thể bắt đầu bị lão hóa, những nếp nhăn liên tục xuất hiện. 750 more words

What is a Midface Lift? - Fort Lauderdale FL - eSSe Plastic Surgery

The main difference between a midface lift and a traditional facelift is that a midface lift focuses on the cheeks and the areas around your mouth and…

Midface Fracture Overview


The midface is defined as the area between a superior plane drawn through the zygomatiocofrontal sutures tangential to the base of skull and an inferior plane at the level of the maxillary dental occlusal surfaces.  1,175 more words