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In this past week we have had a MIDI, Recording, and Performance Session, in which I have learnt many new skills and have become closer to my project submissions. 436 more words


MIDI - week 18

This week I just needed to do the last bits of mixing for my sound to picture. I needed to mix it so it sounds the best I could make it. 95 more words


MIDI- Week 19

During this session I carried on with my sound-to-picture piece. I adjusted the volume on certain instruments; making some parts louder than others to build tension and add to the emotion. 118 more words



Today in MIDI I finished all the parts of the underscore (and later at home made sure everything was in time and that the track synced up nicely to the video). 103 more words


MIDI Week 19

This week in MIDI, I focused on finalising my track by making sure all the levels were correct, experimentation with FX/plugins and general mixing.

I sorted out the clipping issue and identified some plugins I liked so will incorporate these next time. 16 more words


Midi week 17

This week back we did are sound to picture project and carried on working with them, I decided to do the levelling of my sound track so it wasn’t clipping red and sounding distorted. 69 more words


Lesson 57 - Sound design - Using MIDI Inputs to Create Music

We started off the lesson by looking over some of the things we would have to think about when producing our soundtrack for the animation, such as the feeling that the music might convey as well as understanding the layers of sound and additional effects such as ambience. 392 more words

Unit - 58 - Animation Soundtrack