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MIDI (10.11.17)

in this session we worked on song structures (this is all the different sections a song in made up of) you have the intro, verse, chorus, middle 8 and outro. 21 more words


MIDI (24.11.17)

in this session we worked out what we had left to do in our coursework and continued to try to get it finished, i made sure i finished my first composition and saved it before submitting any written work which was completed.


MIDI (8.12.17)

in this session, we didn’t really do much as it was the day all our work was due in so it was a finish all our work that needed finishing. 29 more words


MIDI 28.11.17

Personal targets

  • In this session I want to re- record the drums.
  • I want to start mixing the project.

Did you achieve your targets?
I achieved both my targets, there is unfortunately small timing issue with the drums but its where there is the change over from the verse to the chorus. 146 more words


Zivix Jamstik+ Smart Guitar

Zivix Jamstik+ Smart Guitar

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2jh9M4K

Introducing the jamstik+, a BluetoothSmart enabled digital guitar with real strings and real frets. It works with your iPad, iPhone or Mac and a multitude of music apps, including an interactive guitar lessons app series, so anyone from beginners to pros can just play. 523 more words


Best YouTube to MIDI Converter Mac Software and Tools

It is very common for people to convert YouTube videos to different video or audio formats to computer or phone. It’s a great way to watch or listen to YouTube offline. 361 more words