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Unit 8

so for Unit 8, I’m making a short EP for myself, it includes a heavy/dark Reggae Dub project ( for an example¬†The Bug – Poison Dart… 56 more words


Tracktorino Shields You From Poor Interfaces

On-screen controls in a digital audio workstation expand the power of a DJ or musician, but they are not intuitive for everyone. The tactility of buttons, knobs, sliders and real-world controls feels nothing like using a mouse, trackpad, or even a touchscreen. 206 more words


Song Of Storms Midi File Download

Information, sheet music and other downloads for the musical theme’Song of Storms’ from the game’The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’. Download Midi file //synthesiadatabase. Zelda Ocarina of Time – Song of Storms Chords for Storms Never Last – Ellert Nordmark. 404 more words


MIDI 20th of April 2018

So, today in MIDI, there wasn’t really a specific subject we had to do.

It was more just finishing off the rest of our work. so I basically bounced my Blues song, that I’ve been developing for awhile, and submitted it to Ilearn. 40 more words


MIDI Week 21

In this session we went back in to the studios to record more of our new song. This time we went back to track bass as there were bits of the song which I wanted to change. 44 more words


Multitimbral Mondays

Hi all!

If you’ve seen any of my recent posts over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you’ll have probably noticed me babbling on about #multitimbralMondays – it’s a super-geeky challenge I’ve started this month which will hopefully expand my knowledge and diversify the way I compose music, or end up just being FUN which is more than a valid reason on its own. 251 more words