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Today in MIDI, I completed my second mini assignment (the ‘Foreign Culture Documentary’ intro music) however I did spend the majority of the session fixing my first mini assignment. 94 more words


13th October- MIDI/performance

(midi) in this lesson we had to fill our risk assessment forms in order to be aware of potential hazards within the working environment and to be able to identify elements of a song, within doing this I chose to identify ‘torn apart’ by avatar from this I found the song was dark. 36 more words


MIDI (13.10.17)

in MIDI this week we had two session objectives:
1- be aware of potential hazards in working environment
2- Be able to identify potential hazards… 73 more words


28th/29th- performance/MIDI

(performance) on the 28th we had to have an awareness of vocal techniques and we did this by warming our vocals up by doing scales and warm up exercises.  151 more words


MIDI week 4

In MIDI we learn’t what type of hazards there are and what can happen if they occur. Such as fire hazard, falling hazard and sound hazard. 17 more words



In MIDI we analysed a song for what instruments are playing and what the instruments are playing. I analysed the song Playing Fiction by ROAM and we did a risk assessment for the practice hut


MIDI Week 4

Now MIDI, that was a strange but nice diversion from our usual sessions.

We started off by doing a Risk Assessment for the Performance hut. We had to write down what problems/risks where in the performance hut, what was the current methods of control, and how we would fix them. 155 more words