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Searching for Midleton's 'lost' 19th century brewery.

When researching the history of Midleton, one must admit that it can be very frustrating trying to put together an accurate picture of the town’s past. 765 more words


'...a good market for flesh and fish....' Celebrating good food and drink in Midleton.

Does anyone know how to clone a human being? I fear I may have to subject myself to the procedure this month. Tomorrow, Saturday 12th Sept, Midleton celebrates its annual Food and Drink Festival. 583 more words


A Flight Over East Cork

The best present I got last Christmas, thanks to my children and son-in-law, was an Atlantic Flight Training Academy gift voucher. This entitled me to a 60 minutes flight from their base at Cork Airport. 725 more words


Heritage Week 2015 ends successfully in Midleton.

Today at 2.30 pm a group of us set off from the Library (formerly the Market House) to view some sites associated with aspects of Midleton’s commercial and industrial heritage. 185 more words


A Midleton Mystery: WHERE exactly was Drohidfynnaght?

‘Grant…to John Fitz Gerald Fitz Edmond of Clohermony….of 10 acres between Drohidfynnaght on the east, and the river running from the mill there on the west….’   … 956 more words


Two households, both alike in dignity

In fair Cork, where we lay our scene,…
A pair of star-cross’d lovers start their life :-)

Karen and John would not be the only surprise visitors to Rosehill East. 660 more words


'A good market for flesh.....and fish.' Heritage Week 2015 in Midleton.

I thought the opening words of the title would get your attention!  This year’s Heritage Week is almost upon us. Starting on Saturday 22 August and running to Sunday 30 August, Heritage Week 2015 has our industrial heritage as its theme. 376 more words