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The Brodricks, the 'bribe' and the borough of Midleton - Lunchtime talk in Midleton Library.

Who were the Brodricks of Midleton? Where did they come from? How did they get the land on which Midleton now stands? What was this ‘bribe’?   95 more words


Commonwealth Wargraves in the Church of the Holy Rosary Graveyard, Midleton

We went to the main Catholic graveyard in Midleton to have a look at the Commonwealth Wargraves related to World War One and World War Two, and to see if we could find any details on the men themselves. 583 more words

20th Century

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Damian Shiels digs way again and comes up with another gem - the Commonwealth War Graves in Holy Rosary Cemetery in Midleton. These graves are scattered throughout the oldest section of the graveyard so they require a search to find them. Damian has done a lot to uncover the stories of men from Midleton involved in the Napoleonic War and World War I. He's also an expert on the Irish in the American Civil War. One thing to note: there is NO link between HMS Roxburgh and the Roxborough River in Midleton (also known as the Dungourney River) - the ship is named after a town in Scotland!

The Story of Ambrose Haley: The World War One Australian Digger Buried in Midleton Graveyard

On 30th December 1918 a party of mourners were led by Canon O’Connor to an open graveside beside the main path at the Church of the Holy Rosary cemetery in Midleton. 1,809 more words

20th Century

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This is a wonderful example of a local historian putting some flesh on the bones of history - in this case World War I and a Midleton/Australia connection. Damian Shiels is a 'digger' in a different manner from the men who joined up in 1914-1918. The story presented here shows how Ambrose Haley's Irish relatives 'brought him home' to Midleton. Reblogging articles posted on another blog might seem like a lazy way to update a blog - but I'd prefer readers and followers to view the original written by Damian Shiels rather than rewrite it for my own blog!

Midleton Very Rare - The Review

Proof: 80
Color: medium amber
Nose: vanilla, citrus, spice
Taste: vanilla, cloves, orange
Finish: long and warm
Value: …let’s not go there

I’ll lay this on the table: 430 more words