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Belfast Disappoints -- in So Many Ways...

27-28 October 2018

I spent a relatively quiet 2 days in Belfast, not helped by my bruised toe. But that wasn’t really the crux of my problems in this town, a place that has unfortunately left a rather poor impression in my head long after departing from it. 749 more words


The corrections

No matter how much I worried I was growing apart from my kids (or vice versa), there was still time. I picked Charlotte up after work and asked where she wanted to go for dinner. 543 more words


March 3rd, 2003 - Tokyo, Japan - Pearl Jam

First, I love the red screen print on the booklet. Every other live release is just black. The red and white color scheme really stands out. 449 more words

Boby Dylan

Review: Eipic

27 October 2018

Things started today the worst way possible, and every frequent traveller can attest to this happening. Unfamiliar hotel room, and you start the day by KICKING something hard — like the bedframe. 957 more words


Review: Ondine

26 October 2018

I had a busy afternoon, but thank goodness today was the least hectic day of the week. Finished some annoying logistical planning and paperwork, thankfully… 427 more words


Reviews: White Horse

25-26 October 2018

I mentioned in the previous review about the nice dinner at Timberyard. But earlier in the day, as I was heading back to my hotel dead tired, I noticed a place just steps away from it called… 488 more words


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Midlife Crisis by Faith No More, on the album: Angel Dust