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6 things I have learned so far

We’re about halfway through the summer, so I thought I would document what lessons I have learned so far in this life-changing period.

  1. I don’t have to run a military style household…
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Another Fail to End a Trip... (Review #3: Radiance)

7 July 2018

Finally heading home after this very long trip… I got up after a good sleep, thanks to a good meal at my former chef’s… 388 more words


One month after.

I have never come back with an ex, but I guess that would make me feel how I feel right now. Because after a month in this city I feel the same way I used to feel some years ago. 730 more words

The Disaster That May End My Michelin Quest... (Review: Facil)

5 July 2018

Slept okay, thanks to the blowing fan. But another early morning, so I headed out from the rather unfriendly hotel and dragged my bag uphill to the train station. 1,710 more words


Review: Weinhaus Uhle

4 July 2018

I actually had a pretty okay sleep, the first since Prague I think… My train wasn’t too early this morning, so I took my time before I headed to the Hauptbahnhof. 1,078 more words


Review: Das Kleine Lokal

3 July 2018

Well, I was spent after another long afternoon hike in the hot sun during this German heatwave. That huge lunch at the Ratskeller… 1,024 more words


Yet another life change?

As some of you may know, I had a possible midlife crisis a few months ago, quit my job, and went back to school full time. 470 more words