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Writing without conforming (and a poll)

One thing I know about myself is that my personality, my character, even my physical appearance, doesn’t fit into a conventional mold.

I’m a very different entity in terms of societal expectations of how someone like me is supposed to be. 725 more words

Killing Commendatore: Haruki Murakami


Were this Murakami’s first novel, it’s doubtful he’d find a publisher.

Whilst the translation is pretty good, the translator is perhaps too true to the original Japanese; words at times seem clunky, but (having a knowledge of the Japanese language) I believe that that is because the translator is faithfully translating directly from the Japanese. 21 more words

Dear Midlife Crisis Man

I understand that when men get old and lose their hair they want to feel young again and look all flash. I get that they try and impress younger ladies in an attempt to feel youthful again. 273 more words


Review: Emmer & Rye

5 April 2019

I was pretty full after that excellent BBQ at Kerlin BBQ, but I still had one dinner left for this trip. It’s been… 755 more words


Tiger Woods Ruined My Life

As I watched Tiger Woods win his fifteenth major championship, I couldn’t help but be incredibly inspired. Here was a man who had overcome knee problems, back surgeries and a golf club to the teeth compliments of his former wife. 844 more words