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My 2019 Year in Review: 5 Things That Defined My Life in the Final Year of the 2010s- Existential Crisis, Jeep Wrangler, 20th High School Reunion...

I only recently realized that we are actually coming to the end of another decade. This decade itself has presented several major milestones for me: 386 more words

Not another midlife crisis story!

When I write a book, the characters kind of move in with me. I can’t help it – they come to life in my heart and mind and only spill out onto the page when they are good and ready. 490 more words

Writer's Life

My Winter Self-Care

There is this weird stigma when it comes to the idea of self-care. For most people, the very words summon up visions of eating chocolate, taking bubble baths, and indulging in activities seen as vain and selfish. 673 more words

Writer Mom

Inequity (Part Five)

Of the five “inequities” that I have chosen to discuss in an effort to illuminate how the world appears from the eyes of those who have been chronically homeless in large urban areas, this one will probably be the most controversial.    1,593 more words


Lordy Lordy, Look Who's (Almost) 40!: Transiting into (the Beginning of) Middle Age

I made it pretty far. I wonder what they next decade will be like.

I turn 40 on Thanksgiving. My birthday present to myself is hiring a maid service so I have more time for writing. 2,235 more words


They did make love to this employment

I never dreamed I would ever seriously consider the opinions of the 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. Indeed, spelling his name was a challenge, let alone dissecting his contention that desire is futile: even if you succeed in achieving a long hoped for goal, … 1,071 more words


Last week I made a dentist appointment. When I called they asked if I wanted to come the following day. I told them no. I needed more time to get mentally prepared. 547 more words