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The Case of Two Ears and A Tongue...

How to deal with frustration that leads to depression…

If there’s a will, there’s a way. If i decide not to be pulled down in irritation and frustration, I will find a way and make a choice not to be. 649 more words

Pain And Suffering

What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up?

I have been struggling with this question for years now. At 49 years of age you would think that I would know. While I mostly loved my job as a Physician Assistant for almost 20 years working in the ER this question increasingly haunted me. 582 more words


Back in September, I made a last minute decision to spend the month of October in South Africa. It was very clearly a heart decision, not a head decision. 618 more words

Review #2: Ward's House of Prime

9 May 2019

I woke up on this final day of this tiring trip tired, unsurprisingly. It was time to say goodbye to Madison, a city I’ve had a soft spot for many years. 472 more words


017. haC: irány budapest 13 év birmingham után + midlife crisis!

a mai vendégemet már ismerhetitek, ő Lehi, a magyar podcast színtér ismert alakja, aki a 11. epizódban már mesélt a kiégéséről és az életközepi válságáról. most tovább fokozódott a helyzet, és nagy döntés született. 127 more words


Review #3: Forequarter

8 May 2019

The weather has not been kind to Wisconsin this spring, with flooding a major issue due to heavy rains and quick snow melt causing rivers to overflow everywhere. 641 more words


Battle of Wisconsin Ethnic Foods...

7 May 2019

I arrived into Milwaukee late morning, no thanks to Southwest’s crazy-early flight and a long layover in Baltimore. The planes they used are so old I wonder how many old 737s they un-mothballed due to the 737-Max crisis. 710 more words