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Review: Harper's Table

11 July 2019

I headed back north out of Wilmington, still thinking about how good that duck was from last night at Rx. Wow, still one of my favourite places to eat in the US, too bad it’s so out of the way! 495 more words


The Tropics

They don’t tell you when you move to Paris, that come the summer, you might as well be living in the Philippines. Today it’s 39°, tomorrow the same. 335 more words

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Review #2: Rx

10 July 2019

I headed out of Raleigh still shaking my head from that really awful lunch at Brewery Bhavana. What were they thinking… Anyway, I fought through some traffic and eventually reached my next stop, Sanford. 674 more words


Wow! Three Years Pass

I’ve been unsettled, the last couple of weeks. I’m not really sure why this feeling has settled in, perhaps it is a minor mid-life crisis. Perhaps it is due to the political climate or that I mindfully took this summer off from coursework. 431 more words

Daily Life

The radio makes noice

Distracting the mind

From thinking or

Taking action

Avoidance has been my strength

And weakness

Leaving my utterly

Confused in the

Middle of life


14:18 Saturday 20th July

You may be wondering why I’m not on my yacht this afternoon. Instead I’m strapped to my office desk like Donald Thump is tied to the idea of his own humility. 239 more words

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Six months in!

I can hardly believe that I’ve been living in La Chanca for six months now.

On the one hand it seems like only yesterday that I was packing up my things and saying a tearful goodbye to the pets, but on the other it feels an age away. 814 more words