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Win Some. Lose Some.

A conversation between a preschool teacher and preschool students.


Teacher is sitting on floor building blocks with children.

Mrs. M. How old are you?” – Boy Student… 119 more words


Another Try

Last week I received my grade for the administration course I took over the summer.  I got an A.  While an A may not be a big deal for some, for me it’s a huge accomplishment. 485 more words


Doing What Matters Most

I’ve enrolled in summer school.  Summer school goes against everything summer is supposed to be about.  The reason I signed up for summer school is so I can finish my college course work earlier. 444 more words


Taking the First Step

When you make a life change many people don’t know what to say.  After dropping off my little son at school yesterday a fellow parent started a conversation with me. 644 more words


Moving Forward

Two weeks ago I made an important decision.  I decided to give notice to my job.  Without going into the details I will say it was difficult choice, but something I had to do.   810 more words


I Totally Get It Rene

Last week I was scrolling through a news site on my computer when a story caught my eye.  It wasn’t news about Ebola or the bombing of ISIS in Iraq.   719 more words


Crazy Sort of Brave

In celebration of my 50th birthday my oldest son and I decided to do something different. Not your ordinary kind of different. But something so unique that most of my friends and family were shocked that we did it. 441 more words