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In which I create a tenuous link between my life and Breaking Bad

This post is going to take a similar structure to that episode of Breaking Bad from season 3, aptly titled ‘Fly’, in which Walt and Jesse spend the entire hour chasing a fly around their meth lab because they’re afraid it’ll contaminate the batch of drugs they’re cooking. 424 more words


Maybe I Am Loved

Maybe it’s the piano music I’m listening to, maybe it’s how absolutely tired I am, or maybe it’s the aromatherapy candle from Bath & Body Works that’s burning beside me- but I think that I am an incredibly fortunate person. 644 more words


Everything about nothing

My brain is forcing me to lose the motivation of blogging. Well not blogging as a whole, but meaningful blogging, something that will add value to life. 54 more words


Things I'd rather be writing about

Why do seminaries keep asking me to describe my spiritual growth? I remember one year at Central I just put that I had none.

Talk to my pastor. 716 more words

Unexamined Life

Warming the Cockles of my Philosophical Heart

Fresher’s Week is a busy time for anybody involved in a society at university – even though the mayhem of being a fresher is far behind me and neither fresh nor a novelty, it’s our job to make the members of our society feel as welcome as possible without boring them to tears (or extracting them from their beds in the midst of a hangover.) 346 more words

Colds are the worst!

It is nearly midnight and I am sitting here in beans room typing up this post because I am just so sick and tired of us all being sick! 110 more words

Midnight Blogging

A Very Quick Sorry

Hi everyone. I thought I’d just log onto WordPress briefly before heading to bed, and only when I checked out my stats did I realise it’s been nine days since I made a post! 53 more words