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Basics after installing Ubuntu 15.10

What needs to be installed, and how ?

Most people wonder what to do after the install of Ubuntu. Specially after your first time installing it. 762 more words


stop frustration: navigate among directories in command line easily

Doing file manipulations in plain command line is a pain. That’s why I use Midnight Commander for tasks like copying, deleting, etc. But I’m still in pain :) If there are more than two directories that I want to work with, then even in MC I need to browse a lot and pass time with changing directories. 362 more words


Change default console editor in Linux

I do not like default console editors in Linux, if you have the same issue and want to use another editor in your terminal by default, use the following command: 85 more words


Gentoo | Midnight Commander umlaut problem.

The Midnight Commander shows crap instead of umlaut characters? Command locale -a doesn't print something like de_DE.UTF-8? There is no de_DE.UTF-8 locale!

First add… 39 more words


Midnight Commander: remember directories on the left and right sides when you quit

When you suffer enough, you will want to change. Nobody likes suffering. I’m a huge fan of MC but one thing troubled me for months: when I quit MC and restart it, it doesn’t remember the last directories in the left and right panels. 44 more words