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Mac OS X and Midnight Commander: The Missing “Insert” Key

Thanks to the article with the same title on austringer.net I know that <ctrl>-T will help in MC to mark/tag individual entries …


Install Midnight Commander from PPA in Xubuntu 16.04

Midnight Commander is a visual file manager, licensed under GNU General Public License and therefore qualifies as Free Software. It’s a feature rich full-screen text mode application that allows you to copy, move and delete files and whole directory trees, search for files and run commands in a sub shell. 297 more words


Midnight Commander: A character-based menu interface for Linux

I mentioned Midnight Commander in my last post, and now I will go into greater detail about this program here. I really like Midnight Commander. I like it for three reasons: 1. 202 more words


Exploring packages in pkgtool

I like to look through the package repositories in pkgtool, the Slackware package manager, to see what packages are installed in my Slackware installation. … 204 more words


[mc] switch between horizontal and vertical panels

In Midnight Commander it can happen that a filename is too long and thus it is truncated. But still, you would like to see the complete filename. 9 more words