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The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead (1981)

Dir. Sam Raimi

Written by: Sam Raimi

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker

From the age of 15 until I was about 20, I was totally obsessed with horror movies. 1,474 more words



Eraserhead (1977)

Dir. David Lynch

Written by: David Lynch

Starring: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart

Finally getting to write about Eraserhead, something that I’ve avoided ever doing despite enjoying the film for the last 15-odd years, should be a liberating experience, but it feels very daunting at the same time. 2,478 more words


Alexandro Jodorowsky Is One Crazy Effer

Some might think my rant about Jodorowsky’s DUNE was a little over the top. I’m sick, leave me alone.

I very much like two of A.J.’s films. 540 more words

Upcoming - Horror House TV show!

Over the last couple of days I’ve found myself tweeting with an Australian chap by the name of David Black, frontman for a theatrical horror rock band called Darkness Visible and all round horror film fan. 339 more words

Cannibal Navvies on the Tube: Death Line (1972)

Death Line aka Raw Meat (1972) UK Dir: Gary Sheerman
Donald Pleasance, Christopher Lee, Hugh Armstrong

Bleak and low key in the way only a budget horror film made in early 70’s London can be, Death Line is a wonderfully atmospheric little gem released at the fag end of the golden age of British horror that began in 1957 with Hammer Studio’s wonderfully lurid The Curse of Frankenstein, and which gradually petered out sometime in the mid 70’s. 414 more words

LET THE CORPSES TAN - Fire and Fast Cutting in the Medditerranean

Everything in excess. Everything inspired. One sure way to catch the attention of an audience be it in the form of scorn or adoration is to do things the way Godard would. 503 more words

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The Midnight Special at the Varsity 2 - Tallahassee, FLA, 1976-7

  1. 2-25-77
    The Varsity Theater in Tallahassee was right at the end of a Strip Mall/Shopping Center next to the Colonial Supermarket near Florida State University which was right for those staying up all night cramming for the exams who needed some tome to relax in front of a movie screen.
  2. 471 more words