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Perfect! Just perfect

We seek perfection because we seek acknowledgement and acceptance. We lie. Sometimes we tell great lies. Its just a white lie, we tell our selves. “Won’t hurt anyone… Anyone but me.” 323 more words

Midnight Ramble

Delusion is a state of mind. Just like happiness

“We choose delusions. We choose to not see. We choose to turn a blind eye. To look away as we please. We turn back sometimes. And see that its gone. 39 more words

Midnight Ramble

☺ Smile :D

‘Smile’ is like Harry Potter’s wand. Whoever wears/holds it, it spreads warmth inside you, and to your world outside.
Keep Smiling:D🎆
Because, who knows your smile might make a difference to someone each day :) :) :)

Lessons Of Life

Einstein's Tongue, Self-Esteem, Comparing Yourself to Others and Pink, Squishy Brain-Pulp

Sooooooo… Another month has flown by and once again there was no post here. Trying hard to feel guilty but… you know what… fuck it. From now on this blog is monthly. 1,826 more words


An Incoherent, Slightly Biased Review (AKA: I LOVE THIS BOOK SO FUCKING MUCH!!!)

So… hi. Look at that, exactly a month since anything new appeared in this little internet space… I feel like I should apologize… but I honestly don’t think there’s anyone hanging out to read these. 977 more words