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Bright Light Social Hour and San Fermin

I checked out Bright Light Social Hour at Motr a few weeks ago. They put up a good show at Bunbury 2013. The close atmosphere of Motr suits this band. 389 more words


MidPoint Music Festival 2014: Saturday In Review

Post-MPMF depression. I have it. It’s a thing. Writing this up was my last task to close out the weekend, and I have procrastinated it. This reminds me of how facing January felt after Christmas when I was a kid. 285 more words


Midpoint Music Fest: Friday In Review

Yesterday was wonderful. I have many things to write about it, but I have to go out for more shooting in about 30 minutes. So, I will need to save my introspection for later date. 363 more words


Midpoint Music Fest 2014: Thursday In Review

This was my intention.

5pm Fairmount Girls – Midpoint Midway
615 Indigo Wild – Midpoint Midway
715 The Range – Washington Park
730 Pike 27 – Midpoint Midway… 491 more words


Lucy drives while Mom preps for Midpoint Music Fest!

Background music provided by one of the many bands playing at Midpoint this weekend. Chad and I are going on Friday night. The whole family just might make it down on Saturday! 51 more words

MidPoint has a variety of shows that will suit everybody's musical tastes!

Click here to look at the different shows Mipoint has to offer in Cincinnati this weekend.

Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: EMA and Saturday's Schedule

Here’s what I am afraid of. I like EMA’s recordings, but it sounds like there was lots of technology used to create them. This leaves me uncertain of what this will be like live. 75 more words