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This fashion illustration is for simply Victoria couture. I sketched out the Ankara designs for a midriff bearing blouse and skirt. I tried to make the modelling posture and look realistic.

Final Fantasy X-2's Songstress Outfit Is A Time Capsule Of 2003

(Source: kotaku.com)

Illustration: Angelica Alzona

Final Fantasy X-2 introduced “dresspheres,” which were a callback to the Jobs system of Final Fantasy’s past. As a 13 year old in 2003, I thought Yuna looked amazing in her Songstress outfit, but as an adult I can’t help but think it’s a little bit over the top. 495 more words


That midriff tho... (17 pics)

I think “midriff” should officially replace “legs” in the whole “boobs, butt, or legs” thing.