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Let us Proclaim the Mystery of Faith?

Every once in a while, a stranger glides in to the cool and dark and peace of the church from the glare and chaos of the city and walks all the way up into the chancel and leaves an offering on the magnificent stone and snowy linen altar. 44 more words

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Cat Tales of Rescue and Resilience

This little guy was dumped in the parking deck yesterday morning.  We keep a cat carrier handy for just such an occasion (and also for trips to the vet for the rodent patrol staff.) 235 more words

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Communion with Hellfire Pepper Jelly!?!

For years and years, St. Helena’s and Covenant Community have gotten together on a summer day to make hellfire pepper jelly!  They will put the jars up for sale in the fall and all proceeds go to support projects for the wellbeing of women and children out in this sometimes hellish, fiery world. 158 more words

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Do it Today.

Dr. Mary Lynn Morgan, pioneer pediatric dentist and human being extraordinaire, died yesterday, the same day I sent out the Around This Block piece about Ralph McGill, Judge Tuttle, and my father.  197 more words

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The Rope, the Tug, the Bell, the Ring

Here’s Gail …

“In the coat closet/belfry/storage room off the narthex, at the busy corner of North Avenue and West Peachtree, are the unsung heroes of our calls to worship. 389 more words

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Eat Your Art Out At Twelve Eighty

A few weeks ago, The Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society was invited to Twelve Eighty for an exclusive menu tasting. Twelve Eighty is located in the… 583 more words


Facts emerge about black man found hanging in Piedmont Park

ATLANTA — The black man whose hanging death at Piedmont Park sparked national outrage was a gay Midtown Atlanta resident who committed suicide, according to his own ominous final Facebook postings in which he stated “I’m done with this life” after being gay-shamed by his own family. 395 more words