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"Why Did You Cry in Church?"

One of our darling littlest cherubs came up to me after the Nine O’clock service on Sunday and whispered, “Why’d you cry in church?” She had on a fabulous purple dress, much more fabulous than this one but you get the idea: 769 more words

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Looking for the One Giant Star of Faith? In Our Day, Try the Milky Way!

I saw the Milky Way last week while Carroll and I were resting on a dark island. Sometimes dark places are the very best places to see the light, and what a miracle is the Milky Way, this great swirling river of stars in all stages of birth and life and death and rebirth. 858 more words

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#AtlPhotoFoodieChallenge | Midtown | Foxtrot Liquor Bar

Day 3 of the #AtlFoodiePhotoChallenge asked to featured something delicious from Midtown Atlanta. The first place that popped in my mind was Foxtrot Liquor Bar.?This very snazzy establishment in the heart of Midtown not only has beautifully crafted cocktails, but their food is amazing as well. 315 more words


"When the song of the angels is stilled ..

Remembering the stable where for once in our lives
Everything became a You and nothing was an It.    W. H Auden

Yes, W. H. Auden, this Christmas Eve, “ 500 more words

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Stumped on Christmas Gifts? We Got You!!

This fall beloved Saint Ann Woodall came into town and we started remembering Ann’s theology of  “the ministry of the smile.”  The picture above shows a right way and two wrong ways to smile for I am faking it and Flash looks like he wants to bite someone. 808 more words

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Around this block we gather from many other beloved places. That's the secret.

Last week marked the beginning of my seventieth circle around the sun most of which have been spent in Mississippi, Atlanta, and East Tennessee.  It was a week of terrifying wildfires in East Tennessee very close to where we lived for ten years. 794 more words

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Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving

Around our family Thanksgiving table—and TA-Da! here is that table and the decorator—the BEST THAT LOVE CAN BUY! Place cards (both sides) in bubble letters and newly learned cursive; pipe-cleaner twisty garlands and hearts of gold and brown; gorgeous fall leaves from our morning walk; sparkly ribbons and lots of poster paper and pretty markers! 593 more words

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