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Good Question: What Are We Missing When We Dine Alone?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – By now, you should have had your three meals of the day, but how many of them did you eat by yourself? A new study says we’re eating nearly half of our meals and snacks solo. 296 more words


Eastlake Brewery

I’ve been meaning to go here forever and finally made it out to Eastlake Brewery! I am a huge fan of the Midtown Global Market where it is located. 333 more words


Taco Review: Los Ocampo

It was a whirlwind of activity before leaving for Thailand. I ate tacos but I didn’t write about tacos. I was very preoccupied with quitting my job and wrapping up all the projects I was associated with, moving from my apartment in Austin to Minneapolis, sort of job hunting to line up something upon my arrival back to the states (which proved unfruitful, yay unemployment!), getting the trip of a life time organized, and, of course, Chadd and I decided to take our annual ski trip the weekend before leaving for Thailand. 226 more words


Running recovery

One of the benefits of burning almost 3000 calories in a race is getting to eat whatever the hell I want. Last night I had a great burger and fries at Three Squares. 48 more words


Jamie And Kim Attend Kitchen In The Market's First Psychic Supper

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Nourishing our minds, bodies and souls is so important to our overall well-being.

That idea is how a new cooking class came about. 414 more words


Lunchbox Makeover: Convert Leftovers Into Creative Lunches

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Food should be fun! Not just fun to eat, but fun to make.

That’s why all week we’re giving you ideas to make-over your lunch box… 283 more words


Mexican Market Experiences

These are 5 great learning experiences perfectly summed up in David’s post:

I’d like to add that our market El Burrito Mercado also offers other unique experiences: 90 more words