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Midweek Inspiration

It’s Feijoa season again! Today we took a family drive into the middle of nowhere to cash in on some serious fruit purchasing from a roadside stall (we raid it every year). 266 more words


Paragons Of Laziness

I can’t really say much about how I spent my day today, aside to announce that I did equal parts eating and sleeping. Really relaxed and lazy, and the heat during the daytime hours just did not help at all, let me tell you. 71 more words

Personal Thoughts

Midweek Music: Savoy and Sound Remedy

This is for the Electro-pop fans , a truly hypnotic mix that’s been on my repeat list for 2 weeks straight….yeah its that  cool. Two artists mixed in their Rock and Dubstep influences with a hint of  Future  Bass(….. 20 more words


Midweek Inspiration

Whew, I had so much fun spending time on Pinterest looking at fun things that tickled my fancy. It seems like it’s been ages that I’ve had the mental capacity to focus for that long! 52 more words


Chickpeas on toast (gluten and dairy free always!)

This is one of my absolute all time favourite midweek recipes – simple and straightforward with a balanced and healthy range of ingredients. The toast gives a good carby base to fill you up after a busy day and the vegetables are brilliant and tasty. 321 more words

Will I Take It?

There wasn’t a whole lot to talk about yesterday, aside from the fact that it was unbearably hot.  I suppose that’s just Summer for you, but man, it was enough that I’d probably not be able to sleep had I not turned on the a/c in the afternoon. 191 more words

Personal Thoughts

great music is hard to find..!

I struck great music while browsing a food blog.. i mean ..its like the happiest feeling..who could have imagine that joy can be found in the smallest and most unexpectedly..   34 more words