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Moontown in Boontown!

Moontown Brewery is smack dab in the middle of the up and coming area of Whitestown in Boone County, Indiana. At Moontown, a family from Zionsville wanted to keep the memory of a Whitestown school alive. 329 more words


Photography: Close to Home

Today’s satellite view is complements of Bing Maps, which is currently more up to date for my part of the world. Look for the bright aqua numerals along the southern edge and then up starting with the office park; the numbering doesn’t include the map image. 456 more words



The Indy Fuel is the minor league hockey team of Indianapolis. They play up on 38th street at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum. I was pretty excited for this event since I haven’t seen the hockey rink before. 214 more words


A Look Back, #GO LIVE, of Live and Love Indy!

Starting Live and Love Indy, it was a way to showcase all that Indianapolis has to offer. It was as simple as, “I fell in love with this city instantly and I want to preach that love and passion to the world!” And with that thinking this blog was born!

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Get to BRUNCHIN! Another Broken Egg, Fishers

Yes, Another Broken Egg, Fishers, is in town to play with the BIG FISH! The management comes from a long line of professional and seasoned restauranteurs locally born and raised in Indy. 241 more words


Upscale, but not out of scale

Inside the new Ironworks hotel, a modern twist on the classic boutique hotel, resides a restaurant that has a unique take on the traditional American cuisine. 350 more words


When Indy meets Gdansk, Poland

Heading to Poland, sitting here on a plane super excited to write this experience down. You may be wondering why I am writing a blog that is so off brand from the Downtown Indy experience? 648 more words