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Quick Updates

So Wifi at Rock Bottom : Book is seeing alot of success and I thank all of you for the kind words, conversations, and purchases. 341 more words

Arowe Films

Ode to my Hotzi

What’s something great about the midwest?

Gas station breakfasts. Yep. So, I wrote a poem.

I like to stay up late

  And then I like to sleep in… 278 more words


Drucilda's Apprentice: Ch 2

 Jasper Wilkinson wandered along the outer gates of the rose garden. The spiked iron fence towered above his six-foot frame. The spikes, sharpened to a fantastic point, stood like the lifeless jaws of a forgotten beast. 2,169 more words


7 Things I Didn't Know I Was Missing About the States

Coming back to the States this time, had a different feel than it ever has before.  It’s the second time I’ve been back since I moved abroad, but considering that last time, I was somewhere deep inside a having-a-newborn-haze, I noticed many more things this time around.   794 more words

10 Questions with Rob Little

by Ryan Meehan

Rob Little’s outlook on life can be summed-up in two words:  Pure Optimism. At a young age, he developed and nurtured an upbeat philosophy about life.   2,646 more words



So I’m terrible with directions. Totally horrendous. If I feel like we should go a certain way, that’s typically good indication of exactly the direction we shouldn’t go in… and even though I’m fully aware of my total lack of an internal clock, somehow I always try to follow my instincts anyway. 405 more words