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Steeds 31

“Good morning, Philip, Charlie,” said Lee as he entered the office from the jail. “And you, too … Mr. Milton, as I recall.”

Charlie and Philip nodded. 1,364 more words


Louisville defends and defies its status as a southern city

“You ask the people around here, they’ll tell y’all it’s the South. But your government’ll yell ya it’s the Midwest.” That’s what the waitress at a small cafe in Louisville told us when we asked her about the region, rolling her eyes a little as she began to answer. 950 more words

City Profiles

Hilarious Truths and Poetic Tales From a Priest's Daughter

Book review: Priestdaddy, by Patricia Lockwood

“We are congregating in the dining room of my father’s rectory in Kansas City, where I have returned to live with my parents after twelve long years away…We are penniless and we are exhausted, and in the grand human tradition, we have thrown ourselves on the mercy of the church, which exists for me on this earth in an unusually patriarchal form…It walks, it cusses…it is currently shredding its guitar upstairs…” 1,224 more words


Book Review: Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout

And then as Tommy drove he realized: Oh, it was the mother. It was the mother. She must have been the really dangerous one.

In the highly-anticipated companion to…

660 more words

One month in...

So here we are, a month after our move.  We have our boxes unpacked, pictures on the wall, and seem to be settling in pretty well here.   1,164 more words

Steeds 30

“Good morning, Zeke!”

“Mornin’, Sheriff.”

“How are you?”

“Better. Much better.”

“Do you want Dorothy to let you out?”

“Yes, sir. I think I’m fit.” 1,145 more words