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Empowered Childbirth... start with the belief that you can.

Empowered childbirth starts with a belief that you can…            

The current rigid medicalised model of maternity care is not the best choice for every pregnant woman, so why do so many choose this path from the outset of their pregnancies? 320 more words



*Consult with your Doctor/Midwife. This is what I was told to do, you will want to verify that any of these will help you with your recovery. 535 more words


4. The Horror of Genocide

Meditations in Exodus: 4. The Horror of Genocide

Ex 1:22    Then Pharaoh gave this order to all his people: “Every boy that is born you must throw into the Nile, but let every girl live. 1,285 more words

A Birth plan: Just a suggestion

On the night of Thursday, May 12th as I tucked my freshly bathed self into bed I felt what many women who have had children recognize the pop of my water.  511 more words


You are doing a great job!

Before I begin you should know that although I am a qualified midwife, this is all purely my opinion based on my own personal experiences. Anything that is evidence based will be backed up by some sort of reference to someone very clever…… 933 more words

Midwives Make a Difference: The Nordic Midwives Congress

Earlier this month, The Mom Pod was present at the Nordic Midwives Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden, where nearly 1,000 midwives from the Nordic region had gathered to share the latest research, experiences and knowledge in the field of midwifery. 269 more words


Maternal Matters interviews Viv Gray: midwife and Birth Companions trustee

In advance of Birth Companions‘ launch of the Birth Charter for women in prisons next week, Maternal Matters is delighted to squeeze in an interview with busy lady Viv Gray, trustee of Birth Companions, independent midwife, mum-to-two and gran-to-one – huge thank you Viv! 1,229 more words