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Is Being Vegan While Pregnant Safe? A surprising source of information.

I was in the grocery store check outline buying a ton of fruit and vegetables. The woman in front of me goes “Oh are you vegan?!” “Yes” “My daughter is vegan too, except right now because she is pregnant so her doctor recommended that she eat at least some animal products” I press my lips together knowing that there is a chance she could be offended by what I’m tempted to say next. 866 more words


7 Steps to a Great Postpartum Period

Written by Aly Folin, CPM, LM, North Star Midwifery & Erin Stertz-Follett, CD(DONA), LCCE, HBCE, Flutterby Birth Services

“Postpartum : Adjective – Of or noting the period following childbirth; after delivery (origin: Neo-Latin, 1840-50).” Ah, yes. 1,726 more words

Nurses and Midwives celebrate

Last week I was fortunate to attend the inaugural A+ Trust Nursing and Midwifery Awards. This annual event, which coincides with the month of International Nurses Day and International Midwives Day, was held to celebrate the amazing dedication and professionalism of our nurses and midwives here at Auckland DHB. 356 more words

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Birth Stories

I love talking with other moms about their birth stories. I also love to share my birth stories. However, I realize that not all of us get the story we want. 419 more words

A Child, Accompanying Someone Giving Birth at Home

Allowing the child to take part in the birthing process, translated…

“Ring-Ring-Ring”, the phone started ringing off the hook, my grandson “Fish” kept an eye out for his mommy’s every single movement, seeing how mommy looked excited and nervous at the same time, being a second year kindergarten student, he knew, that there would be important duties he needed to handle very shortly. 429 more words

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Frustration over lack of midwives in Sask despite high demand

REGINA – More and more mothers-to-be are upset with the lack of access to a midwife in Saskatchewan.

Fifteen positions are funded in the province, but there’s a long wait list to receive care and it’s difficult to justify spending more money when some spots sit vacant. 322 more words


Switch Off The TV And Tune In To Your Heart

This week we have an article shared with us by Alison Howley, Mother of two and founder of From The Womb To The World in Australia, which invites women to really think about what they’re exposing themselves to when they watch birthing shows… 1,060 more words