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First Trimester Thoughts

Nope, I’m not pregnant. (For that first trimester post go here).

I’m wrapping up the first three months of my midwifery apprenticeship at the… 1,250 more words

How can we stop so many babies dying at birth?

An investigation by the HSJ’s Shaun Lintern, also reported in the Nursing Times, has found that many babies are dying at birth as the result of a simple mistake: a failure to correctly read the CTG trace, which monitors the baby’s heart rate: 508 more words

Birth Trauma

Who Keeps Women’s Secrets?

First Secret Entrusted to Venus, François Jouffroy (1839)

“Do you want to know a secret?”

When I was at school, there were various other pupils who would pose this question in some corner of the playground at break times. 789 more words


Putting it out there

Yep, gonna do it, because it happens and it happens all the time, and it’s important that people know, and know that it gets manageable and even gets ok. 1,184 more words


Medical instruments as bling?

If you freeze at the sight of a medical instrument…

.. you are not alone! Historically, physicians have tried various methods to reduce the fear induced in the patient by seeing what is coming their way. 646 more words


And so it begins: the real story of a 'normal' birth

**Trigger warning: birth trauma**

Its October. I am happily living in a bright and airy one-bed flat in a leafy suburb. The birds sing melodic jazz and dance from branch to branch in the tree in our garden. 2,014 more words

That First Week

Adjusting to life as parents definitely comes as a shock. Not only is the life of a little human is now your complete responsibility, but the life you once lived is suddenly gone forever. 817 more words