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Entry #86: Two Plus One

My 4 Day Evolution

So I had the mistaken impression that I’d just have one ultrasound and as long as we saw a heartbeat we’d “graduate” from our fertility doctor and head down the Midwife Highway. 2,811 more words

Two Plus One = Family

Top News: #Pregnancy

Here are the top read news for #Pregnancy:

Opinion: Get the Epidural:

There are scarier complications — for example, you might end up needing an emergency C-section — but you might end up needing one if you try to give birth naturally. 316 more words


Dr. Evita's response on the article "Midwives back: Women opt for intimate home settings to give birth"

Original Article “Midwives back: Women opt for intimate home settings to give birth” 

Kolkata: When Meenakshi sensed the hormonal orchestra of labour inside her, she ambled into the kitchen, brought out her baking trays and started whipping up carrot muffins. 729 more words


#Sisterpower-The Birthing Stool.

I am a strong advocate for the woman with respect to coming to the fullness of everything about her. Celebrating her grace and virtues, honoring and saluting all forms of courage displayed by the special breed-Woman! 664 more words


#NewResearch published on route to supporting #NHS staff in distress

This month I have had 2 pieces of #NewResearch published with 2 of my favorite co-authors…@WendyClyne1 (Senior Research Fellow; Research Development Lead; Coventry University… 415 more words

My Labour Story

So I am just over 11weeks post partum and thought it was time I shared my birth story (mainly so I can look back if I ever have another and think you’ve done it once you can do it again!) 757 more words


Doctors vs. Midwives-Bunmi O.

So once again I was busy and was only able to read a chapter of Get Me Out. Nevertheless, I will be as thorough as possible. 952 more words