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Freshers...all fresh faced and in information overload!

Welcome freshers…..WELCOME! To all the first year student midwives (and nurses)…welcome:-)

You are probably feeling a little overwhelmed with information? You are trying to settle into a new room/house/city if you’ve left home, getting to grips with MyManchester/ Blackboard, meeting new people, finding your way around campus, trying to work out how to fit in all your study skills & core skills, finding your way to campus and battling traffic for 9am lectures, trying to find somewhere to eat which doesn’t involve queuing for half an hour…. 499 more words

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Does the World Have Enough Midwives?

When a woman goes into labour, a million thoughts will run around in her head. Most of these thoughts will focus on the safe delivery and well-being of her child. 839 more words

BRAC University

How to Panic an Unlikely Mum

So I’d planned to write a blog about what a great baby shower I had on Sunday, despite being a bit sceptic about the whole concept of such things. 1,076 more words

My Pregnancy

A guide for women in their conception, bearing, and suckling their children

792G Nicholas Culpeper 1616-1654

A directory for midwives: or, A guide for women in their conception, bearing, and suckling their children. The first part contains, 1. 408 more words

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Finally, Childbirth Propaganda is Being Outed

Five months ago when I had RB by elective section I was an outlier, and c-sections were the devil. Natural birth was the holy grail. That natural birth is… 764 more words

103:  We Go To Paws Yard

There came a sweet night with a fat moon.  Linkin and I knew leaf fall was nigh, and we sat upon our roof tasting the air. 934 more words

If we really want to help women with birth trauma, we need to learn to listen

One of the things that practically everyone involved with mental health seems to agree on is that we need to talk more. People bottle their problems up, which makes everything worse, and sometimes leads to depression and suicide. 589 more words