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Rainy Day Sunshine

I woke up this morning to a dreary, drizzly sort of day. It had been raining for a while, and the sky was one mass of puffy gray clouds.  399 more words


The Miette Cardigan

Long time, no blogging. I apologise for the radio silence which I can only blame on the new school year, lack of foliage for photo shoots and other general excuses.   198 more words


To knit or not to knit

First up, a confession.It has been years since I have knitted and although the internet has been drowning in knitted ¬†garments and accessories,I have resisted for a very long time.Thinking back to my childhood years, where I spent what felt like ages,and struggling with every single stitch,you can imagine it took a great effort to jump back on board.Last year I finally gave in and knitted a very cute long scarf with attached hood.Soft yarn,big needles,it was a succes.So when I stumbled upon a colourful yarn,exactly my colourpalette,I didn’t hesitate and bought a bunch of it.I dreamed of a sweater in all these different colours and got knitting.Some easypeasy pattern that didn’t involve too many thinking would be my goal.Ofcourse I didn’t care about a test gauge,eager as I was.I finished my sweater and it was big!I don’t mean trendy oversized,but… 1,424 more words